Hell's only Daughters by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: This is a duologue. Using the same Risika from "Courtesan of DArk and Light" and her sister character Jaysa. Loosely based on the Avalon series and Arthurian Legends. One Act piece.

Scene 1:

(ARTHUR is asleep on the floor. He is having nightmares. RISIKA is tormenting him.)

RISIKA: You'll never be king. You'll never live up to his expectation. The Camelot of your dreams will always be just that. A dream. And Lancelot. Your loyal friend. Time will tell how loyal he truly is. Merlin. He works for your father? He works for no one but himself. And your White Lady. You think she will protect you. She has no heart.

(ARTHUR wakes and transforms into JAYSA)


JAYSA: Stay out of this Risika.

RISIKA: But why, sis.

JAYSA: This is none of your business.

RISIKA: Well it is if I make it my business.

JAYSA: You're not going to now are you?

RISIKA: But you never let me have any fun. Just because you like being boring and selfish and keeping everything a secret doesn't mean you need to . . .

JAYSA: Will you shut up! You whinging little twit.

RISIKA: Doesn't matter. My plans are already in motion and there's nothing you can do about it.

JAYSA: You forget your place. I rank higher than you and my power out weighs yours.
RISIKA: True sis. But I need to correct you. You see you did rank higher, well you still do but your not going to for long, especially when daddy finds out what you're up to.

JAYSA: Father doesn't need to know anything

RISIKA: Oh really.

JAYSA: Do you want to challenge me on this?

(*Click* Risika & Jaysa are circling on the battlefield)

JAYSA: How many times have we met on this battle field and you crawled way licking your wounds?

RISIKA: Obviously not enough to learn a lesson

JAYSA: No I put that down to your learning capacity, or lack thereof.



(Jaysa & Risika look up towards the earth. Risika smiles)

JAYSA: Mordrid.

RISIKA: I'm going to have fun with this.



ARTHUR: My son, my first son.

RISIKA: He's going to kill you.

ARTHUR: He wouldn't. He's my son.

RISIKA: Yes he will.

ARTHUR: Who are you? Show yourself.

(ARTHUR places baby in cradle. Risika begins playing with the baby.)

RISIKA: I'm afraid that's not possible because that would be giving you an advantage.

ARTHUR: Coward.

RISIKA: Do you know who the mother is?

ARTHUR: She didn't tell me her name.

RISIKA: Well that creates a slight problem doesn't it? You should know that the mother is . . . . .



JAYSA: Keep your mouth shut.

RISIKA: You always ruin my fun.

JAYSA: I don't care about your fun. What are you doing here?

RISIKA: Having some fun.

JAYSA: I did not give you permission to be here.

RISIKA: You didn't but he did.

(Jaysa grabs Risika by the throat)

JAYSA: Who did?

RISIKA: Let go of my throat.

JAYSA: Tell me.

RISIKA: I can't tell you while you've got hold of my throat.

(Jaysa grabs Risika's guts instead of throat.)

RISIKA: That's not cool.

JAYSA: I don't see the problem. You don't need them. You're a gutless coward.

RISIKA: Last time. Let go and then I'll tell you.

(Jaysa lets go of Risika's gut and throat.)

RISIKA: Thank you.

JAYSA: Tell.


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