TMOTK Ch.2 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master OF The Key Ch.2

The Master Of The Key

Ch. 2

Lunch was slower then usual. "Oh man. Mystery meat. Eww gag me. That stuff is almost as bad as mystery soup. If that wasn't bad enough. The meat and potatoes stick to the tray. Litterally!" Allen complained holding his tray upside down to prove his point.

"When will they serve us real food, like they have at the castle?" Allen whined. "Allen stop whining! Eat the food so you can get back to class on time." Said Andrew who was standing behind him. "Yes Mr.Spoil Sport. At least the desserts something good. Chocolate creame pie with hot fudge, and strawberries on top.

MMM my favorite, anyone not want theirs?" Allen asked "I'll give you mine if you date my sister." Josh said laughing. "Sure how old is she four or five? I forget." Allen laughed. "Sixteen in ten years you do the math." Josh laughed. "Oh yes I can see it now I'll take her to the park and push her in the swing. Would you consider that a date?" Allen asked and everyone laughed. "Yes I would. Is it a deal then, my dessert for a day from my little sister?" Josh asked. "Yes it is a deal. Only one one condition you take out my fourteen year old sister who has had a crush on you since shes known you." Allen said seriously.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was not supposed to tell you but, I am already dating her." "WHAT!" Allen exclaimed. "Just kidding." Josh said laughing a little. "Why you little.... I should kick your ass for that." Allen said. "Oh yeah? Well take it and shove it." Josh said lauighing. "Oh you think that it's funny? well," Allen said picking up his mystery meat "I think this is funny." He said throwing it at Josh.

Josh ducks and it hits A.J. in the face. Pissed off, A.J. picked up his patatoes and chucked them at Violet, and someone yelled "FOOOOOOD FIGHT!!!!" And all hell broke loose. Andrew Stood with his mage-shield protecting him. He brushed off his shirt that had pie on it, 'man my wife is gonna kill me' he thought. He raised his right hand and everything froze in mid motion.

"Oh no we're so dead."Allen's brother Sam said crawling out from under a table completely untouched. "LUNCH IS OFFICIALLY OVER! I DON'T CARE WHO STARTED THIS BUT MY CLASS WILL BE THE ONES CLEANING THIS UP! ALLEN AND JOSH YOU TWO GET YOUR ASSES OUT FROM BEHIND THAT COUNTER, AND START CLEANING BEFORE I MAKE YOU LICK THIS WHOLE PLACE CLEAN! NOW!!!!" Andrew hollered. Everyone rushed to do as they were told. Everyone else went back to class.

"Ok. Now I want to know who started this." Andrew said calmly. "It was me Mr. Amharb." Allen confessed. "No it was me!" Sam said standing next to Allen. "No it was me!" Josh exclaimed. "No it was me." A.J. said. "No it was me," Violet said "and that's that."

"Ok let me explain." Allen began. "I threw mystery meat at Josh but he ducked and it hit A.J., and A.J. thought it was Violet so he threw his potatoes at her. She thought it was Josh and threw her pie at him which hit you insted, and by then everyone was throwing food, but you see I really did start it. I'm sorry." Allen finished.

"Well have you learned anything from this?" Andrew asked.

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