Cleveland Memorial Hospital by D A Schippers

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Marcus looked up at the two nurses.
"Call over to the lab, and tell them we'll be sending a blood sample over, and we'll need a test for all of the known rabies strains indigenous to North America, and I'd also have Rachel prep to compare to other regional strains. Also get three doses of HDCV ready."
"Yeah. We'll need to vaccinate both EMT's and possibly the patient, depending on how far along and how long ago she's been bitten."
"She hasn't been bitten." Aimes remarked.
"What? These are classic rabies symptoms. I've seen it at least a dozen times."
"I know. I asked if she had been attacked recently by an animal, and she said no. That's why Ginger came and got you."
"She could have gotten it from another infected person that passed it on to her unknowingly. I'd still prep the HDCV. We can examine the patient when we get her in here."
The two nurses headed out of the office area, as Marcus looked over at the pile of charts. There were ten people in the walk in ER waiting for treatment, and fourteen already in the ER being seen by the intern doctors. One of the interns walked in, looking extremely tired.
"How'd the cardiogram turn out on that guy?" Marcus asked Dave.
"I think the guy has really bad heartburn. Even with the heart problems in his families past, this guy has a healthier heart that the two of us combined. I diagnosed Prevacid and am sending him home." Dave leaned against the counter, allowing his tired eyes to flicker.
"Hey, go get some coffee. You look like you need it."
"You gonna get back into rotation, or you are you going to keep playing executive all night."
"Nope, got a strange one coming in. Rabies like symptoms, no bite."
"No bite? She's probably delusional from the viral infestation. If she's that far along, its over."
"I know. We'll check it out."
"Have fun..." Dave stepped up to his feet, and walked out of the office area. "Barb, I'm going on a break for ten. Anybody need coffee?"
Dave counted the hands before he turned and headed down the hall for the break room.
"Barb, you got an open room close to the main entrance?"
"Twenty-seven. That close enough for you?"
"Yeah, thanks. Log it for Jane Doe for right now."
Marcus grabbed a pair of medical gloves, and a tucked a mask on. He headed out of the office, and into the open staging area. A few people were sitting here and there, as nurses attended to them. Suddenly, the ambulance pulled up.
Marcus darted out into the cool October air. The EMT who was driving, darted around the back, and helped Marcus open the door. Rich stood at the head of the gurney, pushing it towards them. They hauled the rolling gurney out, allowing the wheeled legs to drop. Once the wheels hit the ground, Marcus started leading them into the ER.
"Room Twenty-seven guys."
They barged through the people in the staging area, just inside the door, and headed a few feet away into room twenty-seven. Once inside, they closed the door, and Marcus looked her over.
The fluorescent lights caused the woman to squint, and close her eyes, flinching in pain.

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