Rules Past by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: Just the opening of the short story i am entering into the natioanl youth week writeit competition. . . please tell me wat you think

I had spent most of my life in an arena, fighting for my position. It had taken ten years of hard training, blood and sweat to harness the basic of the skills I now possess. More than ten years to get this far and I was not about to let some second rank wannabe beat me in my own arena. Toy they called him. Rumours throughout the coven had told me all I needed to know. His past, his technique, everything, well almost everything. Even gossips have their secrets. It gives them an advantage when they need it. They say he got his name from his brother, but no-one knows why. His father, like mine, died during the century wars that weakened our kind. He died before Toy could finish his training. Toy was three years my senior and I was confident enough on my own experience to deal with him.

Her silhouette glided, effortlessly though her warm ups, leather whip striking violently at the air, leaving an echoing crack in it's wake. Risika was her name. I'd done my research, her families past is well documented in the coven archives. Her life is famous in our coven, the name legendry. The name of her father, struck me most as interesting, Michael Sa diablo. Michael had dedicated ten years of his life trainging his daughter. He had created a deadly weapon, a toy not be played with. Pity such a beautiful doll was to be shattered. I reached from my pistols and began loading.

I had placed myself quite well for a view of this fight. A duel of this status was naturally a secret affair, only two warriors and an innocent third party, me, were to be present. The Sa Diablo arena had been locked down for the event. No-one in and no-one out. My job was simple, watch and don't interfere. My presence was not be revealed else it may disturb the warriors duel. They stepped into the arena as I settled back for an interesting duel.

"Ready?" I asked. Toy nodded. "In case you don't remember, as host I get first choice of weapon, you next. We choose two sets of weapon's each. You must make three open cuts, draw blood each time, from your opponent, forcing them to change weapons. From there on you should know the drill." He nodded slowly again.
"Fight to the death. Winner takes all." he replied solemnly.
"Good. Now my weapon of choice." I quickly browsed my case before settling with my stock whip. "Toy?" I inquired, politely.

She was being too polite, she knew something I didn't. Something was wrong about this duel I could feel it. I walked over to my weapons case and pulled out my two fully automatics and beun loading.