Veterans Last Call part 1 by Gerard T Joseph

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SUMMARY: A story about a veteran on his final mission. Comment and/or rate if possible.

Ordos Venmar stood on his gunship, gripping the handles on the roof to steady himself. He glanced out of the window behind him to find that the planet they were headed to was finally in sight. A small blue orb with occasional dots of green, it reminded Ordos of Earth, only it was far more water based, and the land that did grace the planets surface was a series of small islands clustered together. "This is The Iloit Marda gunship, preparing to land on destination, Graphus" said the voice of the pilot, which was answered by a static filled voice "Planet Graphus good to go sir. Ready when you are" The thrusters suddenly hissed under the strain of braking and the ship began to shake violently as the descent began in earnest.
"Approximatly one minute to landing"
The gathered soldiers began grabbing their weapons from the boxes beside them. Ordos picked up a large plasma rifle and attatched it to the back of his armour. He than took his sword and placed it gently into the scabbard on his hip. The twenty soldiers around him followed suit and looked at Captain Mollas standing at the door at the back of the ship.
"OK soldiers, the mission is a dangerous one. The Karnal guard was sent a week ago to sort out the rioting situation on Graphus. The word is that they have opened fire on civilians, so we are going to have to quell the rioters and find out what the Karnal guard was bloody thinking." the Captain swung his gaze towards Ordos. "Before I forget, there is a veteran here on his final mission and he WILL be treated with respect. His name is Ordos and he is getting his retirement after twenty loyal years in this regiment"
All of the soldiers nodded at Ordos in respect and admiration.
"Good luck, sir" said a middle aged recruit whom Ordos knew as Baldric, the standard bearer. "Thanks Baldric, your concern means a lot" Ordos said, his chest swelling with pride.
"Landing in ten seconds"
A hissing noise assaulted Ordos' ears as the doors swung open.
"Ordos, secure the perimeter!" shouted Captain Mollace over the sound of countless other ships releasing soldiers from their doors.
"The Rose guard and Rillas guard are under your command, come to the square once youve set sentries!"
Ordos nodded as the Captain moved off with a large gathering of men, heading toward the riots. Ordos turned around and began issuing orders.