The Lost Vampire, Part One by Carolyn Northerland

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SUMMARY: This is something I've been having fun writing. I hope you like it!

Chapter one

Emily stepped outside after work, relieved to feel the cool night air on her face. She had spent all day serving flavorless food in the hospital cafeteria and was eager to go home to eat her mother's delicious homecooking. As she made her way to the parking lot, Emily paused to glance at the sky. It was a beautiful summer night, with a shining full moon and many glittering stars. Emily was surprised that so many stars were visible. Usually only a few stars could shine through the city lights.
Emily rounded a corner of the building and tore her eyes away from the sky just in time to see a man standing under a street lamp, struggling with something in his hands. Emily stopped walking as the man looked up at her. He stopped what he was doing and stared at Emily as a look of wonder came to his face. Emily glanced at what the man was struggling with and saw, to her horror, that the man held a hospital blood bag in his hands and had been trying to open it.
Emily just stood there, stunned, looking rapidly back and forth between the man's face and the bag. She was about to turn around and run for it when suddenly the man spoke.
"Hello," he said, walking forward.
At this, Emily turned and tried to run, but was stopped when she found the man standing in front of her again. How could he move so fast? Emily stared at him, fear spreading across her young features. The man saw her reaction and a puzzled look came to his face.
"Are you alright?" The man seemed concerned, and took a step toward the frightened girl.
"Stay back!" Emily shouted as she backed up and held out a hand to keep him away from her. She might only be seventeen, but she knew some pretty tough self-defense moves that she had learned earlier in her teenage years. The man stopped and furrowed his brow, tipping his head slightly to one side in confusion.
"Listen, I only want your help. I'm not going to hurt you." As he was saying this, the man smiled disarmingly, but still didn't seem altogether friendly.
Emily took another step backwards. "What do you want?" She asked, even though she didn't really want anything to do with this weirdo.
"Please, could you help me open this? I've been out here for what seems like hours trying to open it without tearing the fabric that it's made of." The man spoke with awkward politeness as he offered the bag to Emily.
"Umm...why?" Emily's fear lessened as suspicion and curiosity overwhelmed her. Who in the world was this guy?
"Well, I don't know how, and I was hoping you..."
"No, that's not what I meant! I meant why do you have that blood?" Emily interrupted him in frustration. Her fear had just about vanished, and was replaced with utter disbelief. The man seemed a lot less threatening now that he had spoken. His voice was innocent and soft. Now that she wasn't overtaken by fear, she took time to notice what the man looked like.
He couldn't have been much older than she was. His face seemed rather pale, but was young and clean-shaven. His eyes were dark and cold, and signified that he didn't laugh much.

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