King Ahsonskee- Chapter Three by Emcaw Canp

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SUMMARY: Comment! Before it is to late. When you are done reading the story is good to.

Chapter Three

They stopped. They were at the end of the tunnel and Anchamlan couldn't find the door.

"We're trapped!" wailed Lady Skansea, collapsing into a crumpled heap on the floor. She watched between her fingers as he rolled his eyes wearily at her. She didn't understand it. Men usually fell for the old supposed-overheating-and-collapsing trick. It had never failed before. And she thought herself good at it to. After all, she had pulled it so many times in the last 2 years, ever since she had started courting, that she thought herself an expert. This was definitely not an order. No man can stop himself from a woman's charms unless he is cold and uncompassionate and cruel. She glanced at his muscular arms and sniffed. What good were they if they had no woman to lean on them?

She stayed seated with the ladies fanning her, watching his every move. She stood up and took a step towards him. He was so engrossed with what he was doing with the wall that he didn't even notice her. As he reached over to it she brushed her fingertips along his biceps and he spun around, jabbing the place in the wall harder than he had meant to. The wall swung open and he swore as he examined his hurting finger, and then glared over at her.

"Wait here," he told her coldly, and she was so surprised at his voice that she immediately backed up to obey. Had he not seen that it was an accident? He was gone for about ten minutes and when he came back he was leading her brother Lord Fonahn. She jumped up gleefully and hugged her brother who hugged her back, equally happy to see his sister again. He laughed at Anchamlan.

"When I showed you this passage three years ago I had no idea that you would remember it." She watched him as he smiled back at her brother and shrugged.

"A good soldier tries to remember everything. And it's a good thing that you had showed me the passage for we would all be dead if you hadn't."

"The good Lord always makes things happen for a reason," Lord Fonahn said as Anchamlan flinched visibly at the saying. Had a Pagan fool really led her to her brother? Her brother caught the look on his face as well and laughed. "Sorry. I forgot about your beliefs for a second there." Anchamlan shrugged it off and laughed back.

"No need to apologize. You can't help it if you are unintelligent," he smiled and Lord Fonahn laughed back.

"I guess I can't."

Lady Skansea watched amazed at her brothers seemingly close relationship with this creature that wouldn't even turn her way even if she fainted. It was a fake faint, she knew, yet a faint just the same, and she felt he should have at least given her a second glance. Lord Fonahn turned to her.

"Go. You ladies know where the place to clean up is so do so, for tonight we shall have a feast, for I hear you have been eating differently for the last few days," and he laughed as her eyes lit up with happiness at his words. She gave him another big hug and excitedly led the ladies out of the room. Once outside of it she had a sudden temptation to listen to what the men said.

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