Vanes Journey by Ryan Mason Squires

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SUMMARY: it is related to me in some ways.

Vanes Journey
As Vane sat in the basement with his decaying pet Iggy, sitting next to the cozy red burning fire FOOSH! The fire went out in a second then his brother ran down into the basement, "What was that?" said Scott. "The fire just went out for no reason it was like a ghost just blew it out," Vane replied then a portal to the demon world ripped in the fire place sucking the two brothers in. "What the hell was that Vane" "I think Mr. Crowley the one who summoned the Loch ness monster sent us here, for some reason he wants us to do something but what?" asked Vane. "I think to kill Satan and let him take over the universe, and put all demons out of hell and him to destroy hell but that's never going to happen ever in a thousand billon years," replied Scott then a deep voice called out to Scott and Vane. "You are going to or else" "or else what huh or else what Mr. Crowley are you going to hurt us, make a thousand demons come at us to destroy us huh you can't do nothing that's right nothing" yelled Scott. A giant massive rock fell from the sky and crushed Scott, blood flew everywhere "SCOTT NOOOO!" Vane ran to the gigantic rock crushing Scott, "I'll revenge your death I promise," Vane sat there crying with his dead brother. "Oops I guess my rock slipped," said Mr. Crowley, "Mr. Crowley I am going to kill you" Vane said with tears going down his angered face he felt like he was a supernatural being, Mr. Crowley voice went away as five demons made their way to Vane, he quickly socked one in the face and the skull flew off as dust flew in the air. Vane had supernatural powers that no one could comprehend. As the other demons came Vane silently tore them apart into pieces (literally) as purple liquid ran down his face he quickly made to the crowd of demons seeing what they were doing. As he saw them rip his dead brother Scott's mangled body to just guts and bones Vane blew up with power strong waves of red came off of his body a sword appeared at his belt, he sliced five Demon Childs in two when the demons were all dead his brother was demolished into nothing. As he sat there in silence he punched the ground wishing that Mr. Crowley was never born and that they didn't live in that portal to hell his mother called a house then he got up and started his journey to Mr. Crowley hoping that he was where he thought he was. The hoping, determined, revengeful 17 year old was making his way to the most hateful person in hell he wanted his brother back then he new that there was a good guy that lived in hell his father Michel had study on bringing people back to life he lived in a cavern near by here, as he got there he asked his father if he could bring back Scott, "yes but first I need a skull of a Demon Child" "got one right here," Vane gave his dad the skull then five minutes later Scott was on the ground. "Huh.... were.... were am I," Scott asked, "Your alive again come on let's go kill Mr. Crowley" "yeah" "WHAT NOT MR. CROWLEY YOU HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST," Michel said.

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