Vanes Journey by Ryan Mason Squires

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"Fine" Scott fired a magnum at his beloved father as the damn decreasing demon fell to the bloody floor of his fricking wrist blood then he was lifeless. As the two supernatural beings walked as the most dangerous things around demons challenged them still walking they right away sliced and shot killing every demon in sight making no such thing as demons. Then Mr. Crowley's voice popped up "forgive me I was sorry of killing your brother just don't hurt me" "screw you, you make us pop up here then you kill me you are going die and we will make you die a long, horrible, and painful death just a present to you from the Squires brothers" Scott said angrily. "I am sick and tired of some GODAMN KILLING PIECE OF CRAP MR. CROWLEY," yelled Vane "I hate this... this..."Scott mumbled then as they walked down the pathway in the woods they heard a single gunshot then "WOOOOOHOOOOO!" A man of mystery yelled as he was smashed of liquor bottles about twelve or sixteen this was going to be sort of a challenging match for the supernatural men. The man of drunkenness burped with a light match fire flew on to Vane he rolled on the ground when the drunken man stabbed him with a super knife, Scott shot his twelve gage magnum at the temple of it's head then it died. It's soul locked away and turned into a three-headed demon the humongous demon sealed Scott in a barrier of darkness killing him a little bit each second, "SCOTT NOOOO!" yelled Vane on the top of his lungs he pulled out his sword and whacked the demon's head the Scott struggled his arm towards the light and shot his magnum the barrier defected and one of the heads got chopped off by Vane's trusty sword. It started tearing off it's own skin showing it's purple-red flesh, blood slithered down the monstrous fiend, it fell the shadow covering them both they booked down towards where they were going BOOM! The body fell on the ground non-living anymore, as they walked out of the forest they seen the castle to where Mr. Crowley was hiding "HAHAHAHA YOU AREN'T GOING TO PUT DOWN ONE DAMN FOOT IN MY CASTLE HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA," Mr. Crowley yelled as a demon about five hundred feet tall the only weakness was that it was skinny so, Vane used all his power plus his super strength the gigantic beast fell into two pieces red greenish colors oozed out of the monster's half bodies. "NO YOU ARE NOT GOING NEAR MY CASTLE IF YOU USE ALL MY STRENGTH," then they popped back to the beginning of hell, "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING WAY THE HELL BACK HERE WHAT THE JESUS," Scott yelled in anger. "Calm down Scott... please just calm down we know where to go so we can run back there and kick some ass" Vane calmly said as Scott punched the ground pissed off as he usually is, as they tried to run skipping battles but demons always popped up and attacked they waste time slicing them in half or shooting them in the forehead. "This fells like it is 666 probably because of Scott," Vane mumbled as he sliced demons in half "WHAT DID YOU SAY," Scott said as he pushed Vane to the ground Vane punched Scott in the face blood ran out of his nostrils as he was on the ground Scott got up and sighed then walked behind his brother.

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