TMOTK CH.3 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.3

The Master Of The Key
Ch. 3

When Andrew finaly got home, he was exstreamly tired and just wanted to eat and hit the hay. "Oh good your home. Now you can get me a box of strawberry ice cream, a jar pickles, a bottle of tobasco sauce, a bottle of hot chocolate, some strawberrys, and a bottle of carmel, butter scotch and chocolate. I'm in the mood for strawberry ice cream with pickles,tobasco sauce, hot chocolate, a strawberry, with carmel, butter scotch and chocolate on top. Now got get it for me, before I decide i want more." Deedra said forcefully.

"Ok. I'll be back in tweenty and i'll even make it that way just for you. Gorgeous." Andrew said and walked back out the door. He stood in line for ten minutes to check out, paid 20 Trayka's. Then Paying another five Traykas he decided to get his wife her favorite magazine. The Traykata Examiner, a gossip magazine, some of it true, most of it a lie.

After he paid for everything and he headed home. "Well, I'm back and right on time." Andrew said walking in the door to his suite. "Deedra where are you honey?" He asked. "In the bedroom waiting for my ice cream." She answered. "I got lucky, the guy at the store had everything you wanted." He said waking into the kitchen.

He started with three scoops of strawberry ice cream, and then added three pickles, three drops of tobasco sauce, three strawberrys, and three spoonfulls of carmel, butter scotch, and chocolate, and a cup of hot chocolate flavored coffee with tobasco sauce in it. Just the way his wife liked it. 'I'll be glad when this pregnency is over with.' He thought to himself. As he walked into the room carefully set the breakfast tray on the chair next to the bed.

"Guess what else I bought you." He asked. " I don't know. Can I just close my eyes and have you hand it to me?" She asked. "Yeah. You can do that or you can just pick a hand." He said hiding the magazine behind his back. "Ok." She said as she picked Andrews left hand saying, "I pick that hand!" She exclaimed. Andrew took the magazine from behind his back. "You got my favorite magazine!" She exclaimed. "I thought you'd like to catch up on the things you've been missing." He explained. Then he took the tray and set it lightly on the bed across his wifes lap.

"Your so sweet specialy the way I have been having mood swing after mood swing." Deedra said smiling. "I know. I am doing everything I can to make you feel comfortable. Because I love you." He said smiling back. "I love you too." She said, and started eating her ice cream and reading her magazine.

"Hey Dee?" Andrew asked. "Yeah Andrew?" She asked.
"I'm sorry I was being a smartass earlier, but they need to learn. I'm also sorry I told you that you should not mind-speek, but I said it because I don't think you should until the baby is born." He said. "Andrew I'll make you a promise as long as you don't get mad at me." She said. He nodded. "I won't mind-speek to you or anyone else unless it is an emergancy like when the baby is coming. I will only speek up in your mind when you get distracted and lose train of thought." She said.

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