King Ahsonskee- Chapter Four by Emcaw Canp

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Anchamlan was bored. It was still three hours until dinner and none of the women were ready. How much time does it take to get a bath and get dressed? Not much. Not much at all, he sighed to himself quietly. He stood still and listened. Was it he, or could he hear noises from his room? He walked over to it and swung open the door to reveal one of the ladies-in-waiting, a 15-year-old, clutching one of his shirts. He smirked. It was the same one he had smiled at in the tunnel. He closed the door and walked towards her.

"Would you mind telling me why you are in here?" he asked smoothly. She stood stiffly and mumbled something. "What's that?" he asked her again.

"Lady Skansea," she mumbled out. At that moment Lady Skansea made her way down the hall to his bedroom. How long does it take to steal a shirt? She peeked into the room and saw her maid clutching the shirt and Anchamlan standing behind her. She leaned in closer.

"What does Lady Skansea have to do with you being in my room?" he asked her, not even mentioning the shirt.

"Lady Skansea wanted your shirt," the girl finally mumbled out. Anchamlan grinned and started walking around the girl.

"Oh?" And the girl nodded. "Now tell me why she wanted my shirt." At the question the girl clamped her mouth shut. "You're not going to tell me?"

"I don't know," She whispered. Anchamlan froze behind her and glanced towards the door. He caught a glimpse of Lady Skansea, but did not let on.

"You don't know? How pathetic. So if Lady Skansea told you to jump off a cliff you would do so even if you didn't know why?" The girls' eyes widened and she looked up.

"No! That's different!"

"How so? Either way you are blindly following a master that wants you doing something stupid."

"I don't know." The girl protested, scared.

"Tell me," asked Anchamlan, remembering something. "Back there in The Tower did you stay in front of Lady Skansea because you love her, or because you knew that you were to die anyway." The girl froze, unsure of what to say.

"I thought not," said Anchamlan calmly and he walked in front of her. She bent her head down, but he lifted it up. Peering into her eyes he saw the fear that he had created in her mind. Leaning forward, he kissed her, and he could hear the faint gasp from outside the door that Lady Skansea resided. He stood up straight and watched satisfied as the shocked girl looked almost drunk from the kiss.

"Now. It is a shirt you have come here for and it is a shirt that you shall get. But put down that one and take a silk shirt, perhaps in her favorite color." The girl nodded and picked out a lavender shirt and as she turned around he flopped onto the bed. "Now leave me please, I am tired and I must get some rest." The girl nodded again, and Lady Skansea fled down the hall, not knowing just how much she was feeding herself into Anchamlan's plans.