Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 01B-Fiona by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 1-Fiona

Tobal was tall, slender and well built with dark hair and ruggedly handsome features. It didn't matter what he wore. He always looked good. He was vain about his looks and relied on them more than he needed to make favorable impressions. His eyes were piercing brown but tonight they twinkled with good humor. He was smiling as he swept his beautiful dance partner across the floor in graceful sweeping circles in easy rhythm with the music.

He was dressed as a colonial American militia officer with a blue jacket, white pantaloons, polished black boots and long silver sword that gleamed in it's curved scabbard. He had spent two painful weeks learning how to wear the sword without self-injury. So far it the practice had paid off.

His dance partner, Fiona, looked like a dream tonight. He brushed her light chestnut hair off her bare shoulders and felt her smooth skin beneath his fingers. His breath caught in his throat, she was so beautiful. They had been going out for about a month now and things were really going well. She was wearing a sky blue evening gown that might not strictly have existed during colonial times but should have. It accented her figure and made his pulse race, or perhaps it was her perfume that was driving him crazy. All he knew was that he was feeling a bit intoxicated and it was from her. It was a good feeling and it looked like it was going to be a fun night.

A life size statue of a man dressed in Egyptian clothing with a dog's head gave Tobal chills. It was Anubis, the Eygptain God of the dead. Statues of other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were placed strategically around the auditorium with small shrines next to them. He could almost sense the presence of these ancient spiritis hovering near their statues and cavorting within the ball room. He knew each of their stories and the role they assumed. It was basic history at Tavistock Educational.

Tobal shifted a little and closed his eyes forcing these ghostly images out of his mind. He moved his right hand up a little, feeling the softness of Fi's breast beneath the silk fabric. Sliding his thumb gently over the silk he felt her nipple beneath the fabric. Fi was certainly not wearing a bra and he heard her catch her breath as he gently traced his finger along her jaw. He smelled the perfume of violets on her neck and in her hair. His eyes sparkled as he looked into her blue ones.

"You're a good dancer, Fi", He whispered into her ear.

She smiled, "So are you", and snuggled more closely into his arms. She was enjoying this as much as he was.

He felt her breasts against his chest and knew she could feel him against her too. They teased each other, dancing close and moving slowly together. Gradually they moved faster and faster, weaving in and out of sight as dangerous patches of colored fog rolled across the floor. Giggling, they spun together, lost in themselves and caught up in the sweeping movements of the dance. They laughed and shouted good natured comments toward some of the other dancers they passed in the gloom.

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