TMOTK Ch.4 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: TMOTK CH.4 ch.5 is on its way.

The Master Of The Key

Ch. 4

Four days later Andrew sat in the training field watching the sun rise. 'Thank god for four day weekends.' He thought. "I'm glad we also get nights off on four day weekends." Andrew said as Allen arrived. "Are you always going to be this early, and the first to class?" Andrew asked. "Yes I am, and besides I like to watch the sun rise." Allen answered. "The rest of the class is right behind me or at least they were." Allen said as Josh, A.J., Luke, Voilet, Max,Andraya and Janet arrived. "Today's class will be your longest one if everything goes wrong! If everything goes right! Today will be short and easy!" Andrew exclaimed. As he envoked the mage-shield to surrond the area. "Now get with your partners I want to see how much progress you have made." Andrew said. Everyone got with their partner,and stood five feet away. "Allen and Josh to the middleof the field!" Andrew ordered. Allen and Josh did as they were told. "Stand six feet from each other." Andrew said. "I'm going to test both of you." Andrew said as he
conjured two midnight blue lightening bolts, and the immediately threw one at Allen and the other at Josh. As he hoped Josh shielded Allen and Allen shielded Josh.

He could tell by the colors of the shields. "Good. You learned to work together and work your magic together to shield one-another instead of your magics fighting each other they flow together helping each other." Andrew complimented them.

Then went through the rest of the groups, and got the same results for all of them. "Well I am amazed you have all learned to work your magics together instead of having it fight it flows peacfully."
Andrew complimented the class. "Ah-hem Class dismissed for the day. I have other busness to attend to. I am sorry, but I must go. Andrew said as he heard the bell that only he and the other five can hear telling them that their shift is about to begin.

Andrew entered the shield tower, and walked up the two thousand, five hundred and two steps and activated the shield which was on auto pilot. "I really hate leaving my class in mid-lesson, but when I hear the call of the shield I have to answer it no matter what I am doing except dieing." Andrew said to himself. Three minutes later Domanic and Cloe arrive. "Man am I glad your here." Andrew said standing up. "Why what happened?" Domanic asked. "I had to leave my class in mid-lesson and you know how I hate to do that." Andrew answered. "Yeah we do." Cloe said. "Any chance I can talk you two into covering for me for a few I need to talk to my students?" Andrew asked. "Yeah sure we can handle it." Domanic and Cloe answered in unison. Andrew left to find Allen to tell him why he had to leave so quickly so that Allen could tell the rest of the students when he found Allen he was supprised. "Let me guess you got called by the shield, and that's why you left in such a rush it left the whole class stunned. Right?" Allen asked. "How did you know?" Andrew asked. "I heard it too." Allen aswered with a serious look. "That's immpossible." Andrew said.

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