Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 3B-The Letter by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 3 -The Letter
Putting the box aside on the bed, he carried the letter over to his desk, found a letter opener and carefully broke open the wax seal trying not to destroy it. Opening the letter with trembling hands he walked back to the bed and sat down to read. His uncle was staring out the window with haunted eyes that were looking at things in the past and not of this time or place.

"Dearest son, Tobal, if you are reading this, we are dead. We wish we could have been there to watch you grow and share our love as you were growing up. Events happened to make this impossible. We promised to do one last mission that is very dangerous and are writing this letter in case we don't come back. You are in good hands with your uncle Harry and Aunt Lilly. They love you and will take care of you. We asked them to keep this letter and give it to you when you come of age.

You have the right to claim ‘sanctuary' in the City of the Sun and find your true destiny, just as we have. It is our wish and dream that you be trained in the values and beliefs we hold dear. While we can not control the choices you make in life, we would like you to know what we believe, the things we feel are worth living and dying for. You may never know us, but you can know the things we love and care about. Perhaps someday you will learn what we died for.

Take this medallion and letter to the Antiquities Shop on 2424 Oak St., Old Seattle, Washington, and show them to the proprietor. He will know what they are and what needs to be done. Your uncle Harry will give you an airbus ticket. We would like to tell you more but there is no time left. Give our love to Howling Wolf. He can tell you what you need to know.

Your loving parents, Lord and Lady of the Sun, Ron and Rachel Kane.

Dated this day 25 January, 113th year of the New Eon, sun in Aquarius, moon in Scorpio".

There were tears in Tobal's eyes as he looked up at his uncle. "What does this mean", he asked?

His uncle shifted uncomfortably in the wheelchair and brought his attention back to the present.

"Your parents were research scientists and citizens of Heliopolis. The city-state has been called "City of the Sun". It is a closed city-state on the west coast that does not welcome commerce or communication with other city-states within the Federation. It was the classified nature of your parents research that was responsible for Heliopolis changing it's status from an "open" to a "closed" or "forbidden" city-state".

"What was the nature of my parents research", Tobal asked curiously?

"I am not at liberty to talk about it", said his uncle sadly. "Perhaps later, when you are older you will be able to learn more. I was the one that found your parent's bodies and attempted to continue their research after their deaths. There was a terrible accident in which your aunt Lilly was killed and I was left paralyzed. I was forced to close the entire project down as being too risky and dangerous to continue".

"It was a very difficult time for me personally", his uncle said.

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