TMOTK Ch.5 by Michael James

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The Master Of The Key


Jake whatched his wife Jazzmin fall asleep after the wild passtionate sex they just had, and small talk about names from the baby if they have one and dicieded one Jason if it was a boy and Star if it was a girl. Jake watched his wife sleep unitl he too fell asleep. Until someone started knocking on the door, and Jake woke up. "I'm coming hold your horses." He said in a half awake voice. he went to the door, and was hit by a strong magical ora Jake flicked his wrist, and his blue green mage-lightening appeard. "Who is it?" Jake asked with lightening bolt held ready. "It's me Sam Master Jake." Sam's voice sounded from the other side. "How do I know it is Sam Cloud-Walker?" Jake asked. "Because I am able to walk on clouds like my big brother Allen." Sam answered. Jake looked through the peep hole, and saw Sam standing there holding his blue-gray mage-apprence robe close to keep himself warm. "I'm sorry Sammy I am just waking up, and I didn't reconize your energy." Jake appologized as he opened the door. "It's alright sir. I have a message for you." Sam said as he began to channel his magic to create the magic-gram. "Jake Shakomy Jeroldson. I request your accistance at once." A image of his brother-in-law Andrew spoke. "It is very urgent that you and your wife meet with me, and the other protecters of the shield this is of upmost urgantsy and it must remain secret no-one else must know until we know what we are going to do about this situation." The image of Andrew finished and dissappeared. "Thank you Sam." Jake said as he handed Sam a gold Trayka "Tell the rest of my students that class is canceled for today." Jake said. "Thank you Teacher and I will." Sam said running out the door, and tword the rest of the class. Jake shut the door, went to the bedroom, and gently woke up his wife Jazzmin. "Jazzmin." He whispered. "Jazzmin honey wake up." He whispered again. Jazzmin yawned, and stretched "What?" She said sleepily. "There is a is a secret meeting of the protectors of the shield." Jake said. "Oh!" She said as she jumped out of bed. She snapped her fingers, and she was wearing her mag-robe. Jake snapped his wrist and he was wearing his mage-robe.

They both dissappeared in a mixture of blue green, and black smoke. They reappeared infront of Andrew's house next to Domanic, and Cloe. Who were just about to knock on the door when Andrew opened it.

"Hey guys come on in we have been waiting for you." Andrew said. They walked into the house and Andrew closed the door after they got past the door way. "The problem is my twin sister, and what to do with her." Andrew said. "Mil-o-kin Azmind! Hua nok hie nik liu fok yim tra?" Deedra yelled in a language neither Jake, Cloe or Domanic undrestood.

"Nam hic miu Dazimo." Andrew said. "Nam hic hag nok" Jazzmin said. "Whoa! You two know what she said?" Jake asked Jazzmin, and Andrew. "Yes we do." Andrew said. "Would you mind translating?" Domanic asked. "I said Holy shit Andrew! What are we going to do with her?" Deedra said in english. "Then I said calm down Deedra." Andrew said.

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