Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 5A-Adam Gardner by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 5-Adam Gardner

The old man's name was Adam Gardner and his daughter was named Sarah. She was an only child. Her mother had died when she was an infant. She was only one year younger than Tobal. The way she pinned her hair into twin pony tails made her look younger.

Adam called Sarah down to mind the shop while the two of them went upstairs to talk. Tobal related what he knew while the old man sat quietly and listened. He was particularly interested that Tobal's uncle Harry had been reactivated and there was new interest in his parent's research. He was not surprised uncle Harry had discouraged Tobal from coming to Old Seattle.

"He was right", Adam told him. "Most of the people that knew your father and mother are dead. I think your uncle and I might be the only ones left and I never met your uncle. Your parents spoke well of him though and that was always good enough for me. It was a foolish idea coming here but I'm glad you did".

"I owe your mother and father a lot", he continued. "There are not many around any more that still remember what really happened". "Hell", he sighed, "I don't know what really happened and I was there".

"It was during the failure of phase II that I started working with Ron and Rachel. They were brilliant scientists and very much in love". He glanced at Tobal and his eyes softened., "I'm sorry you never got to know them. I remember how excited they were when you were born. They brought you straight to the village from the hospital and showed you off. They took you everywhere they could. When they went on missions my wife, Linda, or I would baby sit you and some of the other children".

Tobal's head was spinning and he felt completely lost. "Wait please", he interupted. "what do you mean phase II, I thought there was only one project and why were there other children around if it was dangerous"?

Adam sighed heavily and shifted in his chair, "There were at least three different programs I knew about and more that I didn't. Most of them were heavily classified Federation research. The overall focus of your parent's reseach involved matter transmission from one point to another".

"But that was done years ago", Tobal said. "At least I think it was".

"It has been done with solid crystaline objects but never with organic tissue or living things. Impurities within the cellular structure cause the collapse of the cell tissue under the stress of intense magnetic field energies. Your parents were trying to find ways to purify the human body enough so it would transform into pure energy and the back into flesh again".

"Is that possible", Tobal asked?

"Yes", Adam replied quietly. "Your parents did this many times. I've done it as well. The entire sanctuary project was designed as the first round of purifications needed to produce this effect in humans and was known as phase I. It's objective was to produce general spiritual, mental, emotional, physical health, self esteem and competence by naturally strengthening the magnetic fields within the human body.

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