Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 5B-Howling Wolf by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 5-Howling Wolf
He peered at Tobal with keen interest through his spectacles.

"You seem to be healthy and normal though".

He continued. "Howling Wolf was a local native American shaman that had mastered the practice of bi-location, being in two places at once. He developed this ability through natural means. He was never a part of the official program and the Federation never knew about him.

Your parents met him accidently one day in the mountains. He gave your mother herbs he said would help her pregnancy. Later they learned he was able to instantly teleport himself from one place to another. This was what your parents were interested in and didn't involve sophisticated technology. They became his students.

Training started out as a form of mental projection like remote viewing but deepened into the transport of the entire physical body. Howling Wolf was a strong influence and convinced your parents that you would be born healthy and that learning this bi-location ability would not be harmful to you. Your parents convinced Howling Wolf to teach a small group of us and we met in secret.

As our shamanism training progressed it became clear that spirit travel and bi-location could be achieved naturally and safely without the mutagenic hazards of high strength magnetic fields and super conductors.

We didn't need the money or the machines the Federation supplied. Even more important we didn't need the strict military supervision and control. Your parents researched the effect of Howling Wolf's training on the human body and found ways to measure scientifically what was really happening.

They were able to duplicate his training and developed other methods that combined science and shamanism. They created a teleportation device capable of transporting Phase I graduates from one transmitter to another and back. That project was called Phase III.

Phase I graduates had no problems going through the matter transmitter even though non-graduates could not. My theory is Phase I training integrated body, mind and spirit in a way that "unified" the entire personality.

Howling Wolf taught that these mysteries and natural techniques have always been known to a small group of individuals throughout history. These secrets have been taught in secret mystery schools and handed down individually through oral traditions.

This training involved the development of the non-physical body, aura or soul as it is some times called. It was the development of this non-physical body that "energized" and harmonized with the physical body in a way that allowed the physical body to transform into pure energy and back again without damage to the individual cells".