Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 5C-The Massacre by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 5-The Massacre
Adam glanced at Tobal before continuing, "Howling Wolf told us in ancient times this was called 'becoming immortal or God like'. Each culture had it's own name for it. The taoists called it 'developing the immortal physical body'. Jesus used this technique or something similar when he appeared in a closed room full of disciples after his supposed death. Thomas, the doubter, did not believe until he felt the holes of the nails in Jesus' hands and feet. The ancient Greeks spoke of heros and heroines that became immortal".

He paused and took a sip of brandy before continuing. " The holy men and women of the earth's religions knew these techniques and passed them on in secret to a select few. The Gods and Goddesses of all religions were once human. After they learned these techniques they became 'divine' and transcended normal human life. Later they were worshipped as Gods and Goddesses.

Can you imagine the military applicaton of such super human abilities? Spies and assassins that can't be stopped or caught. Do you understand what I am saying? Phase III was insignificant compared to Howling Wolf's bi-location process.

Your parents refused to cooperate any longer with the harmful studies because of the mutagenic effect it had on the human DNA. Several volunteers had already died horrible deaths. The Federation found out about our secret group and panicked. They sent in special forces and massacred our entire village hoping to kill every one of us".

Adam's throat caught and his voice faltered. "Many innocent lives were lost. Not just those in the sanctuary program. My wife was murdered and my two older children. Howling Wolf's entire family was living in the village and they were murdered too. Only two of his grandchildren survived and that was because they were with us. We were at a secret meeting and had taken you, Sarah, and Howling Wolf's two grandchildren with us. I was taking care of the four of you. The rest were in a meeting when it happened".

"When we came back", his voice faltered and there were tears in his eyes, "When we came back they were all dead. Your father and mother went to find your uncle. He was the Federation officer in charge of Phase III. They never came back. They took you with them. Howling Wolf's son and daughter-in-law were hunted down and executed. The rest of us vanished. Howling Wolf took his remaining grandchildren and I took Sarah. She doesn't know she had two older brothers".

"We went back in secret and buried our loved ones. Several times they almost caught us but we slipped through them like ghosts", he laughed hollowly and without humor, "That's what we were, ghosts burying ghosts".

His fist clenched, "That's what they were too, if we ever caught them. We wanted to stay but the children were not safe and needed protection. We waited for word from your parents but no word ever came. Howling Wolf was going to keep an eye on things and keep our secret meeting place from being discovered. We knew how to contact each other in an emergency. I was going to get money for the supplies to rescue your parents if they were still alive".

"That's all I know", he said wearily sitting back in his chair.

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