TMOTK Ch.6 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.6

The Master Of The Key


They all walked outside, and watched quietly as Ivry threw ten fireballs at Allen and he dodged them all but one. Which nicked him on the cheek. "I'm getting wise to you. If your not carefull I'll beat you." Allen said seeing a moment of weekness.

He threw a powerful lightening bolt at Ivry. It hit her and knocked her down Allen walked over to her and held her down with his foot. "Give up now and I won't hurt you anymore." Allen said. "Ok. Ok. I give." Ivry wheezed. Just then a silky pink haired girl wearing a silver dress with only one button covering her bare chest with sheer sleaves a pirceing in her navel, and short tight black leather skirt trudged up the walk way.

"What are you doing here Zandra?" Deedra asked. "I don't know I was just sent here by dad. I think he sent me here cause he's mad at us." Zandra said to Andrew. " What did you do?" Ivry asked tossing a week fireball at Allen, but it didn't faze him.

Allen's mouth was hagging wide open and he was drooling. "Set the schools library on fire. Again." Zandra said. "Let me guess you were absorbing information, and one of the librarians yelled at you and called you a freak?" Andrew asked. Zandra nodded. "When will you learn to control your temper?" Andrew asked. "The same day you do?" Zandra asked hoping that was the answer, and trying to be cute. "Funny Zandra you don't look cute." Allen said.

"Then what are you staring at freak?" Zandra asked. Allen blinked "Uh....... Uh.... Nothing mamm." Allen answered as he walked into the house. "Where's your silver hair?" Ivry asked. "Same place your's is. You dork on my head. I just tried to dye it red, and it turned pink. Besides I like it I think its cute. Don't you?" Zandra asked.

'Bite your tounge dear sister or you'll regret it.' Andrew mind-spoke to Ivry. 'Why should I?' She asked in mind-speech. 'Because she studied with father and most-likely was the top of her class. Knowing father.' Andrew answered. 'oh ok' she said. "Yeah I like it." Ivry lied. "I have the strangest feeling that your lying to me and my oldest brother has something to do with it." Zandra said. "Actually I like it." Domanic said blushing as Cloe smacked him in the back of the head.

"Ow what was that for?" Domanic asked rubbing his head. "For being a perverted old man." Cloe said laughing. "One I am not a perv I'm male and two I am not old I'm only 20 and finaly she's my favorite sister. I can compliment her whenever I want." Domanic said in his defense. "Why don't you compliment me?" Cloe whined. "I do all the time your gorgeous and sexy and you know it now shake that thang." Domanic said smiling. "You were always my favorite brother out of the three of you. Joseph is just a dick and a pain in the ass." Zandra said.

"Isn't he the same age as you?" Deedra asked. "Yah but I'm older by 5 minutes so there." Zandra said sticking her pireced tounge out. "There's two of you. Oh god someone help us." Cloe said as Allen poped his head out the door. "Uh.... Andrew the steaks are burning, but I flipped them and turned down the heat.Oh yeah there is some dude here claming to be your little brother." Allen said.

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