TMOTK Ch.7 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.7

The Master Of The Key


Jake was the one to find them naked and wrapped in each others arms, and told Ivry. "Oh man now everyone has to leave so I can clean up." Ivry said as she heard the news of Allen and Zandra naked in bed together with nothing between them. 'And with my luck he's still inside her YUCK!' Ivry thought to her self. " Ok everyone the party is over thanks for coming now off with you!" Ivry yelled into a mic that was pluged into the stereo. "Josh will you take the love birds home and please don't say anything to any one."Ivry pleaded. "Yeah, but I don't think I'll remember it anyway." Josh said laughing, and stagering but walking straight. Everyone left except Allen and Zandra. Who were sleeping entangeled in each others arms. "Hey guys wake up you have to leave." Ivry said after she cast a spell to get rid of all the liquir and decorations. Leaving them as the last thing to get rid of. They got up slowly and threw their clothes on and went stagering to the door it was a good thing that Ivry asked Josh to take them home. Ivry quickly made the bed not paying attenion to the red stain on the white fitted sheet. Just then Andrew staggers into the room. "Ok I'm busted." Ivry said. "What are you doing in here?" Andrew asked in a kinda slured speech. "Yeah what are you doing in here? Especially when I told you to stay out of here?" Deedra asked with her hands on her hips. "Well....You see I was trying to hide this." Irvy said as she pulled a little female lab from behind her back. "Awww aren't you just the cutest lil thing." Deedra said. Andrew stared at the puppy. His vision cleared a little. "You lil shit you shit on my carpet. So I have one thing to say......No. No, and no." Andrew said. "But she's so cute. Look at her sad little puppy eyes, and her sweet lil face." Deedra said. "Please tell me your not attached to that...that...thing." Andrew said. "But it's so hard not to get attached to her. So we are keeping her and thats that. Besides you owe me for getting drunk today." Deedra said. Andrew sighed knowing it was a losing battle, and gave in. "Fine we'll keep the lil shit. But Ivry will be completely responsible for her that means food, water, toys, house braking, and naming her." Andrew said. "I knew you'd like her. Oh I think she had an accident on your bed." Ivry said. "Don't dogs make you sneeze? What are you up to?"Andrew asked. "Nothing big brother." Ivry said qickly. "You know what your lucky I'm to drunk to deal with you." Andrew said. "I wanna name her." Deedra said. "Ok I'll change your sheets." Ivry said. As Andrew Deedra went down-stairs. "I'll kill Allen, and Zandra the next time I see them. I hate dogs they make me sneeze." Ivry said. As she took the sheet off and put on a new one. "Stupid teens. Stupid sister. Stupid Allen" Ivry cursed underneath her breath.

Everyone went back to school the next day hang-overs and all. Andrews head throbbed "Class dismissed see you after lunch. If you show up, and if you go home I don't blame ya. Infact don't show up cause I'm going home. Well to a hotel at least." Andrew said as the bell rang.

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