Crow: the wrong believer Chapter one by Colin Spade

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SUMMARY: this one takes place fifty years after Chip Triumph's great adventure. Crow, the body guard and loyal friend of Queen Nephenee Chedon has been brought into a race he thought never could be. he began to believe in the ways of the Dalephians.

Crow: The Wrong Believer

He is a man that is filled only for love of his family. He is a man that would help all in need: another man in battle or a trapped animal. He was known to be as kind as a village priest; his reputation is of the highest ranking soldier of the Black Angel army. He was also very close to the young Queen Nephenee Chedon. Nephenee became Queen at a young age to the murder of her mother. Nephenee was only three.
But now, Crow and his family of three are running from the army of Black angel and raging villagers. A week prior, he let loose a secret to his trusting friend Nephenee, he told her he and his wife was practicing the arts of the Dalephians. Just before he told her, Nephenee said that he could tell her anything, although the Dalephians were a forbidden race to even speak. Nephenee acted out of rage and ordered him to be taken to the dungeons. Crow disobeyed her order and fled the castle and city, and ever since he was followed close by an army called the Seekers and bounty hunters.
Crow changed his perception after he read a book on the history of Nephenee's mother Alicia Chedon. He received the book from a traveling merchant that was passing his village. The merchant said he was selling items only found on the land of Seles. Crow saw many items and weapons he would have did anything to have, although a book caught his eye. The merchant told Crow, after selling him the book that it was filled with the history of every Queen and king to range around the globe, he also said that it had info on the mother Queen of Black Angel and her defeat to the land of Seles. Crow was awestruck when he read of the Queen, he told his wife of the three Queens raid on the land of Seles and how they were beaten back by only two men. His wife could not believe such a book, from what she knew the Queens' were all victorious in all their raids; she was told that the mother Queen was victorious on the raid of the Triumph's. That was until she read the book; it told the exact date the King, Chip Triumph, was crowned fifty years before. It also spoke of how Chip was protecting the last of the Dalephian race and how he killed the immortal Colin Spade, the man that destroyed the armies the Queen Sisters sent, all four million soldiers.
Crow and his family were traveling for nearly four days in search of another village that had no word of their practices. In their travels Crow met with many mercenaries and bounty hunters, if it was not for his excellent training and knowledge of the land he and his family would have died.

Chapter 1

The day went by slow as Crow and his family traveled over the hilly terrain to reach a village. They would have made it there in less than a week if it were not for the hunters and Seekers. For the past four nights they camped in a hollow covered under brush. They were barely making it, surviving on barely ripe berries and chewing on edible insects. They were losing their energy fast and each day they would have to frequently rest.
As dusk came they made for the edge of a nearby forest, both his daughters and wife were grateful for rest.

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