TMOTK Ch.8 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.8

The Master Of The Key


Two months went by and Deedra's water broke in the middle of the night. Andrew had prepaered the bag the night before and was dressed when she woke up. It was quick and almost painless it was seven fifteen on the morning of December seventeenth when little Alexander Amharb was born. By now now Cloe was three months pregnent and Jazzmin was four months. Andrew took two personal weeks off to be with his wife and new baby. Before returning to teaching.

"Welcome back teach." Allen said. "Sup Allen how's life?" Andrew asked. "I don know I think Zandra's mad at me cause she's not talking to me, and she said she has the flu, and she said she got it from me. I don't know what i did that made her so mad." Allen said. "Women their just so emotional at times." Andrew said. "I'm ganna go check on her. Will be back." Allen said. "What ever lil man." Luke said. "Hurry back so we can start class." Andrew called after him.

He found Zandra in the woman's restroom puking her guts out. Again. "Are you going to get better? I'm starting to worry about you and I'm beging to think it's something more serious then the flu." He said as he held her hand and rubbed her back. "Allen I have to tell you something." Zandra said her face gaining some color. "What is it?" Allen asked scared. "I'm pregnent with your child." She said in barely a whisper. He pulls her into a hug and comforts her.

As she began to cry. "What's wrong?"Allen asked. "I don't know what to do." She sobbed. "I'll take care of you." Allen said. "You won't leave me?" Zandra asked surprised. "No never. Why would I do that?" He asked. "Cause that's what almost everyone I know did to me when I started the library on fire." Zandra said. "Let's go talk to Andrew, and see if I can take you home for the day. Ok?" Allen asked. "You'd do that for me?" She sniffled. "Anytime hun. I hope you don't mind me calling you that."Allen said as he hugged her again. "No not at all......Allen...."Zandra said. "Yes?" He asked. "I......Love you..." She said blushing. "I love you too and I want to spend the rest of our lives to gether. Later when you're feeling better I have a question for you." Allen said taking her hand.

They stood and walked together. Andrew looked at them and shook his head. "Good to see you Allen." Andrew said. "Uh Andrew Zandra and I need to talk to you alone." Allen said. Andrew followed them into the storage room. "Let me guess Zandra is not feeling well right?" Andrew asked. "Well that's part of it. The other part of it is that she is pregnent. Before you kill me let me finish. I have my own place and you know I can take care of her. Let us go for today and I'll see you tommrow. You can throw as many daggers you want at me then." Allen said. Andrew ran his fingers through his now silvery blue hair and took a deep breath "I'm really getting to old for this. Go but I'll warn you now you better take good care of my lil sis or I'll hunt you down and personaly kill you myself." Andrew said.

"Deal. No problem there." Allen said. Zandra gave Andrew a hug and said.

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