TMOTK Ch.9 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.9

The Master Of The Key


"Ivry!" Deedra yelled. "Coming." Ivry said running up the stairs. "What is it this time?" Ivry asked. "Can you turn the tv on for me?" Deedra asked holding a sleeping Alexander making a puppy dog face. "Sure I can do that." Ivry said flicking her wrist, and the tv turned on. "How come Andrew doesn't do that?" Deedra asked. "Because I have it on voice activation and I'm the only one besides you that can turn it on by saying the password." Andrew answered.

There was a knock on the door just then. "Who is it?" Ivry asked. "It's me Max." Max said from other side of the door. "Let him in Ivry." Andrew said walking down the stairs. Ivry opened the door and Max walked in. "Andrew I need your help Sam was climbing "The Tree", and he broke his arm." Max said. "That's not possible that tree has a spell on it to keep people from climbing it." Andrew said. "Well thats the thing Sam un did it, and climbed the tree, and fell, and broke his arm." Max said. "I will have to reenforce that spell on that damn tree." Andrew said. "You mean like you do every year when he climbs it?" Max asked. "Shut up." Andrew said. "Mabe Alex should put the spell on it." Ivry teased. "Oh shut up he's just a baby I'll do it. Which means you will have to feed him if he get's hungry he is still breast feeding so I'll leave you some of my milk." Deedra said. "Mine can have milk too. Is it not good enough?" Ivry teased sniffling. Andrew, Max, and Domanic who just arrived turned beat red.


Jake waited for his students to arrive. The first to arrive was Max's twin brother Zack Le-Flash. "Hey Jake." Zack said. "Sup?" Jake asked. "Not much how's Jazz?" Jack asked. "Bitchy as ever. Please don't tell her I said that." Jake said. "Women who needs them?" Zack asked. "Where's your's?" Jake asked. "I ran away from her." Jack said. "Why?" Jake asked. "Cause she got drunk and made out with another girl. They went past third base." Zack said. "Poor you." Jake said as Sam walked up.

"Hey sam. What's doin?" Jake asked. "I heard about Andraya. Man it sucks to find out your girl is a les. I tried to warn you cause I saw the way she eyed Janet." Sam said. "You knew?" Jake asked. "Yeah I have known man I know that those two end up together. More then once." Sam said smiling. "Man this bites I should have listened to you Sammy. What else do you know." Zack asked. "I know that Allen marries Zandra, Jake and Jazzmin have a boy, Domanic and Cloe have a girl, and that Allen find's out he's adopted." Sam said.

Zack's mouth droped, and so did Jakes. "Are you sure?" Jake asked. "If I'm not my names not Sammual Kikomy Cloud-Walker." Sam said. "Then what is it?" Zack asked. "Mud." Sam laughed. "What about Zandra, and Allen?" Zack asked. "What about them?" Sam asked. "Like where they are today." Jake said. "Oh they'r at home with the flu." Sam lied. "You're not going to tell me are you Sam." Jake asked. "Nope thats my Job lil bro." Andrew said. "I hate being short." Jake said. "It's not my fault you took after Grandma.

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