Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 8B-The candidate by Joe Bandel

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His arms were unbound and the hoodwink taken off. He blinked in the fierce sunlight and shivered in the cold as the wind swirled around his bare legs. He was standing in front of a teepee. The Master was standing in front of him dressed in a red robe and welcoming smile.

"Tobal Kane", he said, "welcome to our clan." The fiery figure stepped forward and embraced him in a crushing bear hug. "Come in, sit down! We greet you as a brother and a seeker after the hidden wisdom of Heliopolis." They entered into the warm teepee and Tobal sat on some warm furs next to the cheerful fire in the center of circular structure.

The Master clapped his hands together loudly. "Proclaim the arrival of Tobal Kane to our entire camp!"

"Yes Master", a black robed guard replied. Bowing stiffly he backed three steps before turning and leaving the teepee.

Tobal heard the guard shouting loudly, "Welcome Tobal Kane, the newest member of our clan!" Then he heard sounds of scattered applause, whoops and yells of welcome.

"The Master turned toward Tobal, "You will need the sign and password of our clan to enter our camp in the future. The pass word for the present month is..." and he whistled a tune that Rafe had been whistling from time to time.

"Before you leave I will give you the first of our teachings. Remember this and dwell upon it in the days to come.

Those that wish to be free must submit to some form of discipline and organization. This evening you will be initiated as an Apprentice and expected to complete the duties of an Apprentice. If you do not have the self discipline you will find your time among us very hard. Our goal is the development of self discipline and personal freedom. If you learn your skills well you will discover personal freedom and self empowerment that you have never dreamed of.

The rules of our clan are as strict as the rules of nature. We are guided in all things by a "Circle of Elders". Respect them and go to them for advice and counsel when you need to. Don't worry about the apparent restrictions your obligations will place upon you. They are designed to free you and assist in the personal discovery of your own ‘True will'. In finding your own internal authority you will no longer need our external authority. That is when you can follow your true destiny in life. It is our wish you find your own internal Master and allow him to guide you in all things.

We have no way of knowing what your true destiny might be. You have the right to discover and follow your true path and none of us shall ever stop you. We will place power and knowledge in your hands. Remember you have made a solemn oath to us of your good will and intention."

"Now", the Master clapped his hands and smiled, "You need to be prepared for your Apprentice initiation."

The Master and four black robed guards led him to another teepee that had a fire burning within it. Tobal was introduced to five others that were also going to be initiated that night. He was left there to share a light meal with his new comrades.

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