TMOTK Chapter 10 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.10

The Master Of the Key


"What accident?" Jeffrey asked walking into the room. "Uh... I don't think I should tell you....." Allen said. "Come on pppppppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee? I'll do anything. If you will just please tell me?" Sam begged getting down on his knees. "Anything?" Zandra asked rasing an eyebrow and rubbing her chin. 'What do you have in mind love?' Allen asked in mind-speech. 'Making him my slave while I'm pregnent meaning he has to do all my biddings.' Zandra answered. 'Oh intriguing. Do I get to have him as a slave too?' Allen asked. 'No! I am the one pregnent not you. Besides it'll give you more time to spend spoiling me. Besides I have enough trouble already.' Zandra said. 'Doing what?' Allen asked. 'Do you know that there is power limits when your pregnent?' Zandra asked. 'No I didn't.' Allen answered. 'I can not cast any spells even simple one's. Besides here soon I won't be able to hardly bend over to touch my toes. Hell I won't be able to see my toes.' Zandra said. "Yes anything." Sam said breaking Zandra's consintration. "Ok. Here's the deal. I'll tell you if you will be my slave while I am pregnent." Zandra said. "(sighs) Deal." Sam said.

Zandra laughed somewhat evily and hugged Sam. "I don't know what you have planned for me but by the sound of that laugh I won't like it." Sam whined. "Oh Sam you big cry baby. Buck-up and be a man your almost 16 now." Allen said laughing. "Now stop fighting you two before I have to turn the hose on you." Zandra said laughing. "Yes mother." Allen and Sam said together. "Watch your step or I might turn the hose on you just for the fun of it." Zandra said smiling as she headed to the unlocked spare bedroom.

"Holy-fucking-shit! It's the size of half of a football field and the bed is huge!" Zandra exclaimed as she walked into the spare bedroom. "You think this is big you should see my arcade room in my place." Sam laughed. "what do you mean?" Zandra asked. "I mean it is the size of your bedroom here except for a foot longer, and wider, and has every game you can imagine plus a few I desighned myself." Sam bragged. Zandra patted his cheek a little to hard and said. "Shut up before you get yourself into trouble." Zandra said grining. "Yes....." Sam was cut off by a stern look from Zandra. "Ma'am." He finished. "Good boy." Zandra said patting him on the head like a dog.

"Now give me directions to my room I'd like to put on something besides my mage-robe." Zandra said. "Ok follow me." Sam said. Sam lead her out of the room down a little hall way and up three stairs through the garden past a little pool. "Hey what's that?" Zandra asked as they stoped by it. "A magic pool." Sam said. "What's magic about it?" Zandra asked as they walked to the end of the sidewalk. "It heals all aches pains and wounds in under an hour. Kinda like the healing river in the kings back yard except that Allen, Max, Zack, Jeffery and I forged it." Sam said as he opened a door at the end of the sidwalk and entered Allen's room.

"Wow I don't remeber it being this big." Zandra said looking around the huge room.

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