TMOTK Chapter 11 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.11 It's here finally a new

The Master Of The Key


(Knock, knock, knock) "Allen sorry to wake you but we have a BIG problem." Sam's nervous voice called from the other side of Allen's door. "(Yawn) I'm comin just give me a sec." Allen said yawning. He stretched, and yawned again, turned the light on, rubbed his eyes, blinked a few times. He wrapped a robe around his body, and went to open the door. "What is it Sam?" Allen asked. "Mom and dad called." Sam said his voice shaking.

"And?" Allen asked. "They're coming to visit." Sam said face pale as lightening stuck in the background. "Why? What did you say to them?" Allen said his voice shaking. "I told them that you said hi.By the way I'm going to have to hurt you for sending me there." Sam answered. "Hey what's all the noise about?" Zandra asked sleepily. "My parents are coming to visit." Allen answered. "Can't you ban them or something?" Zandra asked. "Yes and no." Allen said. "Why yes and no?" Zandra asked. "Yes I can ban them or something. Because this is my home and they cannot enter unless someone who lives here invites them in.

And no because they can make Sam or I invite them in." Allen answered. "But if it's your house can't you say that Sam's and your invitation doesn't count if it is not given freely?" Zandra asked. "Why yes I can thank you for reminding me that I can do that. Because I bought this house with my own money and I didn't touch the money my parents gave me except to buy food." Allen said hugging Zandra.

Just then there was a heavy knock on the door that echoed into Allen's room. (BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,) "I'll get it." Jeffery said running to the door. But was cut off by Allen who appeared out of thin air. "No I'll get it." Allen said opening the door parcially. "Yes?" Allen asked. "Open the damn door and invite us in." Link demanded. "Nope sorry that wont work this time father." Allen said. "And why not?" Link asked.
"Because the invitation has to be given willingly and I have my fiance here and if she was not pregnent she would kick your fucking ass's if you tried to enter this house." Allen said smurking.

"I'm not scared of your little whore." Link said half laughing. "Oh really?" Zandra asked. "Who are you are you his whore of a wife-to-be?" Link sneered. "Yes I am and my name is Zandra Demona Amharb." Zandra said smiling. Link blinked. "No it can't be............ You can't be........... It's not possible......" Link stuttered. Zandra's eyes glowed silver for a second. "Link hun I think we should leave before she kills us.....again......" Vanessa said her voice shaking. "Now why would I a pregnent women kill you?" Zandra said as her eyes glowed again. "Because you did once. But we thought we got rid of you when we hunted you down and killed you or so we thought." Link said his face completely white. "Oh you mean this?" Zandra asked pointing to a little scar in the center of her chest.

"Thats not the only place we stabbed you." Link said. "Oh you mean like the bite marks on both sides of my neck?" Zandra asked. Allen stepped forward his eyes dark with rage. "But as you can tell Allen's already mad enough do you really want to push it.

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