Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 8E-The Party by Joe Bandel

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Gripping his right thumb the High Priestess expertly made a small cut. "You signed the oath with a pencil but your Higher Self signs with the blood of your life."

She took his bleeding thumb and placed it on top of his signature. Then both she and the High Priest placed a drop of their own blood over his saying, "I know you as a beloved brother. Our blood is forever mingled. I will defend and help you according to my Higher conscience and Higher Self to the best of my ability."

She gazed intently into his eyes, "Look at this oath that you have signed, witnessed by your Higher Self."

Turning she stepped and threw it into the bonfire. He started as the paper burst furiously into flames. She continued, "As a symbolic act this paper is consumed and purified by the flame of the bonfire until nothing is left but your pure intent. So also in reality may all levels of your being find their true place in the transforming fire of the Lord and Lady that are both found within your own heart. Your commitment and oath is between you and the Lord and Lady. It is not a matter for us. This simple act is a token and symbol of your desire to live in the spiritual light and to be purified in mind, body and spirit."

"Yet, this is not enough", she continued.

She took his wine skin and drank from it before offering it to him. "Truly the powers of your higher self flow ever into your being and if you are open to the process your life will be changed forever. Let the chalice of your soul freely receive the wine of your spirit and experience divine intoxication thereby."

At her gesture Tobal lifted the wine skin and drank the mead. It seemed to glow in the fire light as if it were full of some vital energy that had a life of it's own. He felt the warmth and energy spread through him warmly bursting with energy and love. As the golden fluid poured down his throat into his stomach he could feel the warmth grow until he was standing in a large ball of energy and spiritual light.

Then the High Priest and High Priestess both placed their hands on his head invoking the highest power of the Lord and Lady. The energy poured into him sealing his initiation forever.

The High Priestess said, "I now salute you in the name of the Lord and Lady." Turning, she led him to each of the four smaller fires at each quarter of the circle and proclaimed loudly at each station.

"Brother Oak has been consecrated Apprentice of our ancient craft and is become a Child of the Lord and Lady."

As she finished the entire circle came forward in a wild celebration and swept over Tobal. The party had begun.