A Gray Hack: Versatech Part I by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Versatech Corporate Headquarters
Del Ray Beach Florida
October 24th, 2003 CE (Cerebrum 33, 17219) 12:41 Eastern Time (Local Time)
A Japanese man in his late twenties sat patiently in a leather chair in the waiting room of an office building with a black briefcase between his feet. Kana brandished a perfect haircut and tailored suit like exquisitely crafted weapons. His deep eyes scanned the lobby, constantly monitoring every action without indicating his true intentions. He looked at his watch casually, ensuring the plans would still be viable. It was very apparent that he was under surveillance, so he needed to be extra careful not to tip security off in advance of his attack. Kana could always sense when he was being spied on.
Kana had arrived at Versatech world headquarters with one goal in mind. The government had shut down the Grays' backdoors prior to 9/11. Their broken links into government systems were the primary reason they had not seen the precision of 9/11 before hand. Since then, they were desperate to continue the fight against oppression. They had spent years seeing the orders and backwoods deals crafted between corporations and the government; all at the expense of the American people. Cirk had made the ultimate sacrifice to set the Grays, a subgroup of Teufel, back on top of their game. All of the backdoors that they needed into government and big business systems were theirs again. It was time to fire a shot across the bow. Brom and Kana had planned their most aggressive and daring infiltration to date.
The Establishment had made it clear that they were not about to submit themselves to the rule of law or justice. President George W. Shurben and Vice President David Preney were the cookie cutter corrupt politicians, striving to reward the only benefactors that mattered in their minds; the corporations. Teufel and the Grays needed to turn it up a notch. They grew tired of the growing police state. It was time to get the Establishment's attention.
People moved in and out of the office building for their appointments under the watchful eye of security. Some men and women in suits would rush in or out with their security cards or Versachips embedded in their hands. Proximity and Versachip readers had been positioned at every main door with cameras to view all who entered and exited. The fact that Kana had been allowed into the lobby and told to wait for his appointment meant that Teufel had seeded Kana's fake credentials well. The Grays always found it amusing to use the CIA's systems against them.
A man in his early fifties stepped through a set of double doors that separated the waiting room from the rest of the office building. His swagger spoke of a man that screwed to many mistresses, while professing his faithfulness. Kana's eyes scoured the man's appearance, hating him instantly. Deep in Kana's gut, he sensed that this man was one of the Baby Boomers who so often felt that they were something special. It was not just this idea that they were individual or precious, it was the idea that the world was theirs and no one else's; to hell with the next generation and those that followed.

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