TMOTK Chapter 12 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.12

The Master Of The Key


"Cool I'll start moving my stuff." Josh said snapping his wrist making all his bags appear, and then he nodded his head and his stereo system, big screen tv, and game systems, and king sized bed appeard then he snapped his fingers, and his thing began to float. He walkd tward the room and his things followed behind him. He enterd the room. "Tv right 00corner by the door." Josh commanded, and the tv did as it was told."Bed opposet corner of the tv." Josh commanded, and the bed did as it was told. "Stereo corner across from the bed." Josh commanded, and the stereo did as it was told. "Game system corner across from the tv." Josh commanded, and the game system did as it was told. "There's something missing. Oh I know...... Dresser!" Josh called. A redwood dresser appeared. "Dresser to the wall between the tv and the stereo system." Josh commanded, and the dresser did as it was told. "Clothes into the drawer foled nicely." Josh commanded, and the clothes did as they were told. "There all moved." Josh said smiling.

"How the fuck did you do that?" Allen asked scratching his forehead. "Learned it in military-mage school they gave us a spell to learn and when I had it down I tried it and to my amazement it worked. Then they gave me a spell that helped me get my stuff here, and get the dresser here. But everything of mine has the spell on it so if i move again I can tell it where to go and it will go there. " Josh answered. "Oh cool will you show me sometime?" Allen and Zandra asked. "Yeah as soon as I'm settled in." Josh answered. As soon as Allen and Zandra turned to walk out the door Josh said "Well I'm all settled." and then asked "When do you want to start?" "Now if you will." they both answered. "Ok have a seat and we'll get started." Josh said.

Allen and Zandra sat on Josh's couch and he handed them a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. "Ok now I need something to write on because if I say the spell in this room I will have to re-do the spell again and I don't really want to do that." Josh explained as he conjoured a chalk board. He flicked his wrist and a piece of chalk appeared in his hand. He began writing on the board neither Allen or Zandra could see what he was writing. When he was finished he stepped aside to reviel : First run your hand along the edges of the object or objects that you are putting the following spell (spell: Enuj) on. Run your hands along all the edges as you say the spell until you have come back to your starting place. :

Allen and Zandra began writing the instucktions down. "Ok that's the first step of a two step prosess." Josh said. and then stepped back infront of the black board, started writing again. Then just as qickly moved out of the way revieling : 2nd Repeat the following spell (spell #2: Adnilam) in your mind as picture the object or objects you want to appear as you filck your wrist, nod your head or call the object or objects. When you have summoned them say the name of the object and tell it where you want it to go. These spells also work well in battle.

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