Oogies first job by kevin redfearn

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SUMMARY: This is my attempt at a childrens story about a monster under the bed who has a hard day at work.

Oogies hair was standing on end
Shaking with nerves he couldn't pretend.

All of his training went out of his head
Tonight was his turn under the bed

He snaked out a hand to grab the Childs ear
Expecting a scream born out of fear

Not a shout of panic greeted this action
Only laughter, not the normal reaction

Confused and upset oogie peaked out
To be greeted quite rudely by a Childs loud shout

"Hi my names Tim, boy you look funny
I bet if I caught you id earn lots of money"

Oogie yelled and he bellowed he cursed and he growled
But all the while through Tim laughed out loud

Finally Oogie couldn't take anymore
He curled into a ball and sobbed on the floor

Tim peeped down and began to feel bad
The last thing he wanted was to make anyone sad

"Why don't you stop and tell me what's wrong
Perhaps I can help and we will both get along"

Oogie explained that he had to scare Tim
Or all of the monsters would cave his head in

Tim sat and he thought this through for a while
Then he looked up at Oogie with a mischievous smile

"What if I let you have one little scare?
Then the monsters can't hurt you, does that sound fair?"

Oogie looked up a tear in his eye
"You would do that for me that's not a lie?"

Tim gave a nod then a quick wink
Oogie let out a roar that turned his face pink

And so it was that Oogie was saved
And Tim made a friend till the end of his days.