A Gray Hack: Versatech Part II by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Two six-wheel trucks drove towards the Veratech complex, growling out as they spewed exhaust into the humid Florida air. The trucks bounced up and down a little, as they rolled across potholes in the road. A large polish man drove the first truck, displaying his massive strength in muscles and sharp facial features. The intense look on his face spoke volumes about what he was both capable of and preparing to execute. His eyes grew an extra coldness as a cell phone rang out in the cab. The brute pressed a button on the dashboard.
"The neolib nazis are going to take it up the backside. I repeat the package has been delivered." The Exe-cutioner rattled off quickly before the line went dead.
Ull, the driver, powered down the cell phone, removed the battery and grabbed a CB microphone.
"Dubya is a go. I repeat, Dubya is a go."
Chavez drove the second truck, smiling as he heard the clearance command come over the CB. Chavez's dark Spanish complexion gave him a handsome European look. The years of police and combat training were present in his eyes. He knew all to well what corrupt governments were all about and willing to do to suppress the masses. He focused on delivering retribution against those that sold out their own for a few dollars. The brooding Spaniard snickered, thinking about all the nonviolent protestors. They were cowards in his eyes. Freedom required sacrifice; the sacrifice of unequivocally brutal violence. Chavez felt that the only way to get the elite's attention was to shove a hot poker up their ass and turn it a few times. He pulled his cigarette from his lips, pressing it out into the ashtray.
Waving away the rising smoke, Blitzer sat in the passenger seat next to the Spaniard. The adept computer expert had trained for months to be an I2A2 (Infiltrate, Intercept and Acquire Agent). This was his biggest operation to date. Blitzer's thin frame and dark hair were very nondescript in the greater masses of humanity, adding a greatly needed element for an I2A2. It was his mind and training under Kana and Cirk that made him dangerous. He wanted to provide retribution for what had happened to Cirk. Living in the shadow of Cirk, Blitzer had a lot to live up too. He hoped to make a statement with this op and deliver the pain that he felt in his heart to those that put it there.

Del Ray Beach Florida
October 24th, 2003 CE (Cerebrum 33, 17219) 13:10 Eastern Time (Local Time)
The trucks rolled up to the maintenance entrance of the Versatech grounds. A guard shack and large fences protected the corporation from the undisciplined and anarchic populous. A large overweight man stepped out of the shack, waving at the trucks while trying to stop the remnants of a pastry from crawling down his shirt. A dark stain of grease had formed on his shirt just to the side of his tie. Ull brought the lead truck to a brake squealing stop, staring down at the fascist puppet.
"I don't show any more deliveries or pickups. You're gonna have to turn it around, bub."
The guard gave Ull and terse look, while wiping frosting from his chubby cheeks.

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