A Gray Hack: Versatech Part III by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Butch ran out of the main entrance to data center, receiving an elbow planted in his face. ISAPIA had been waiting for him. She had swung her left arm forward and back with all of her body weight. The blow rocked the guard, knocking him off his feet. She bent down quickly, putting her hands on the sides of Butch's head. The blow shifted the man's haze to total unconsciousness as ISAPIA's PACD fired off a disabling charge.
Kana looked around to see that the seven cubicles were empty. A large screen off to the right indicated the status of the company's global WAN and attached equipment. An intruder alert symbol blinked at the entrance to the main data center.
"Damn it!" Kana shrugged. "Com one...attention all ops, we've got an intruder alert that's gone out bound. It must be wired through an IP connection to an offsite security detail. We need the main guard shack neutralized. Now!"
Ull looked up from checking on the installation of the auxiliary HVAC equipment. SIG and Junior Mint had just finished the full installation and computer controls.
"Mein Gott in Himmel! Was ist das?" Ull rattled off. He glared at SIG. "Get your ass down to the main guard booth and prep for the police. They'll be here any minute."
"But I'm supposed to setup the Spartes." SIG retorted.
"I'm not wearing a PACD. You'll have to do it. Junior Mint can deploy the Spartes. I'll have Chavez prep the gun and I'll unload the Spartes." Ull commanded. "Now get your ass out there, before they let the fucking cops in."
SIG ran down the long hallway to the loading docks. A door burst open, belching him out into the afternoon sun. Waves of humid Florida air washed over the operative, as he ran for the main gate.
"Digital Image Projection...Codename Security Guard Versatech."
SIG's image transitioned to a security uniform with a different face. His body stature was the same, but his hair turned blonde, and his face lightened in complexion.
By the time he was coming up on the guard shack, he had become winded. The main guard stepped out of his shack that was made all the smaller by his large girth.
"What the hell is going on? Nobody is answering at either building." Girth shouted.
"The system's going screwy. The data center is in lock down mode because some asshole over there threw up an alarm and locked the whole god damned thing down. Part of the lock down is shutting down the phones except at key locations." SIG panted out to the guard while he slowed down.
"Who the hell are you? I haven't seen you before." Girth crinkled his brow.
"Bob told me to get my ass out here and tell you it's a false alarm since he can't raise you on the phone."
"Bob...what the hell are you talking about? My phone works fine; I just talked with the police dispatch." Girth reached for his weapon.
SIG panicked. He charged forward and jammed his hands into the fat man's chest. Girth fell back, discharging his weapon aimlessly. SIG jumped on him, clamping his hands over both of the man's ears. The small peripherals connected to his palms discharged.

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