A Gray Hack: Versatech Part III by D A Schippers

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Girth shook for a quick second and went limp.
SIG climbed off the immensely fat man with a look of sickening disgust. Just as he stepped back, a police cruiser pulled up.
"What the hell is going?" The thickheaded butch cut blonde yelled at SIG, as if he was some kind of Marine grunt in training on the Island.
"He just collapsed. I was trying to get his vitals." SIG answered, rather unconvincingly.
"Step back from Jim, right now!" Butch Blonde expertly pulled up his Glock with a look of freshly catching a criminal.
"Listen, it's not what you think. The security system has gone all haywire, and..."
"Enough! You can do the rest of your explaining downtown, NOW STEP BACK AWAY FROM JIM!" The cop finished his statement with a yell.
SIG stepped back cautiously, realizing the entire operation was in jeopardy. He had to do something and quickly. Time was running out. SIG missed Cirk and his ability to think quickly. He wondered what Cirk would do in a situation like this. Suddenly, it struck him.
SIG turned and started walking away from the cop, who had moved out of the car and was trying to radio in for an ambulance.
"record...external voice pattern...begin..." SIG whispered.
" you read?...hello, this is car 22 to dispatch, come in dispatch...hey, you, freeze, or I'm going to shoot you..." Butch Blonde jerked his weapon in a hopelessly intimidating fashion.
"weapons system...emp..hf..." SIG spoke quietly into the microphone on his PACD located just below his neck.
The Teufel operative turned slowly, keeping his hands up. The cop calmed down until SIG pointed his right hand at him.
An invisible bolt of electromagnetic energy discharged across the ten-foot distance, slamming into the officer. The cop flew back into his cruiser, denting the hood. As the EMP hit his brain, it shut down. Butch Blonde lay on his cruiser, oblivious to his surroundings.
SIG ran forward, taking the gun, radio, tazer, and handcuffs. He, quickly, cuffed the officer to the front bumper of the cruiser. Then he ran over to Jim the security guard.
SIG pulled off his weapons and cuffed him behind his back. He was going to drag him to the front of the vehicle, but realized quickly that the fat man would be too much for him to move.
"Com one...I need an open channel on police band and wireless transmission." SIG called out.
"Com one...What the hell is going on?" Kana paused, while looking at ISAPIA
During SIG's intervention at the front gate, ISAPIA and Kana had pulled a rolling cabinet off the back of the truck, leaving a pair of large black cables in their wake. They had headed down the long hallway towards the data center door that Kana had propped open.
"A cop showed up while I was trying to secure the main gate. I am sure they'll be trying to contact him. I suggest you give me an open channel. I recorded the officer's voice patterns to run Magpie. I'm planning on connecting via their wireless network and mark the call as false and check in with voice." SIG answered.
"What are you going to do if they give you another call immediately?" Kana thought ahead.

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