TMOTK Chapter 13 by Michael James

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SUMMARY: The Master Of The Key Ch.13

The Master Of The Key


They appeared infront of Max's house music seeped through the door and open windows. "Cool let's rock this joint, oh why exactly aren't Zandra and Allen here?" Josh asked. "They got called by the doc they said they'd try to make it but they could not be sure. Close your eyes and don't peek." Max said lightly as he opened the door and Josh closed his eyes. Max guied Josh in the doorway, shut the door behind them. "When I turn on the lights on you can open your eye's." Max said and the whispered to the others hiding in the dark.

"And you guy's yell surprise." Max turned on the lights and Josh opened his eye's and everyone jumped out and yelled SURPRISE! "Wow man you guy's didn't have to go to all this trouble just for me. "We didn't it's also for Allen and Zandra but that's after this one is over and cleaned up." Sammy said putting his arm around Josh and taking him to the kitchen. "Oh your so funny little man." Josh said sarcasticly. "I'm a walkin sta-stick-stick." A.J. slurred drunkinly waving a half empty bottle of vodka. "Wat u thin ur wearin?" Joseph slurred drunkenly waving a round a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Is everyone shit-faced already?" Josh asked. "Yeah man we just couldn't wait." Janet slurred waving a almost empty bottle of unlabeled liquor. " (sniff, sniff) I knew I smelled a party" Ivry said letting herself in. :Hey Max we're on our way home and I have some awsome news I'll give you a hint one plus one equals what? If you haven't got it yet ZANDRA'S HAVING TWINS!!!: Allen exclaimed in private mind-speech. "Oh my GOD!" Ivry said reading Max's mind.

"STAY OUT OF MY HEAD WOMEN! And shut up we don't want everyone to know yet." Max said putting his hand over her mouth. She licked it "EWW! Now I'll have to disinfect my hand or cut it off and burn it." Max said as he wiped his hand on the back of his pants when she asked. "So why did he tell you?" She asked laughing. "Cause I have known him since we were babies." He answered licking her forhead and then laughing and asking. "Now that's pay back isn't pay back a bitch?"

"EWW! Now I'll have to disinfect my forhead or have it cut off and burned." She said laughing. "Man you guys really scare me sometimes. Ivry where's your boy toy aka my brother Blaze?" Josh asked. "He should be here any second." She answered. As if in answer to the question there was a knock at the door Max opened it and low and be hold it was Blaze. "We were just talking about you dear." Ivry said smiling and opening her arms for a hug. "What were you saying good things I hope." Blaze said taking her in his arms and then kissing her.

"Ok enough you two before I puke cause I ain't drunk yet and I don't plan to be someone has to be a designated driver or flyer." Josh said. "Good for you son." Came a framiliar voice from behind Josh. "Dad?" Josh asked. "Yes son it's me." Duke said opening his arms to his son which he hardly did not since Josh was a kid. Josh hugged his father "I thought you'd be mad at me still." He said backing away.

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