A Gray Hack: Versatech Part IV by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Enum Nutz had pulled out small devices caked with C4 explosives and attached them to each pillar in the basement. Once he finished the primary detonation charges, he moved to the next floor, navigating through the collapsed workers, attaching more wireless explosive charges to every support column. The PACD HUD provided him an architectural drawing to navigate through each floor. Occasionally, he would readjust his gas mask to ensure that it was still sealed.
"Com one...SIG request unlock visitor's area."
Sophia picked up the transmission, and remotely unlocked the door. Ull kicked open the secondary doors, rushing into the visitor's area. He raced to the front door and pushed it open. Two people stood outside waiting.
Brom stood in a long black leather trench coat, waiting patiently for his team to let him in. His formerly long hair had been shaved bald, leaving his dark skin exposed and revealing his Columbian and Native American lineages. He wore a thin pair of black sunglasses that gave his thin and muscular build an even more imposing presence. Underneath his long black coat, he wore a limited PACD unit that Kana had custom made for him. Brom preferred the old school. A well-hidden weapons harness gripped his body, snugly. From the harness, he pulled out a gas mask, looking over at Aislin next to him.
Aislin's shoulder length dark hair and light-skinned features exuded her Eastern European heritage. She wore a weapons harness that could not hide her womanly features. As plainly beautiful as she was, she was stronger. Aislin had refused to be left behind. She considered herself part of Teufel and would not let Brom sway her from fulfilling what she felt was her role.
"Are you sure this the way? Is this the right path?" Aislin looked into Brom's eyes.
"We will have the data and their money. We will also take their designs." Brom shook his head.
"I know you said it had to be done, but this will push them to new levels of desperation. These assholes will do anything to get us." Aislin was strong, but worried.
Brom shook his head. "They all need to be taught a lesson. I know what its like to loose a father to the corruption of the oligarchy."
"And my son views you as a father. Do you think he would view your death at their hands any differently than you did your fathers?"
Brom hesitated, looking directly into Aislin's eyes. "I understand what you are saying. I understand how much you both care, but I have to do this. I see the twin towers, falling in mind over and over again. I see all of the people they were willing to sacrifice for their agenda to be unabated. These bastards have plans upon plans. They are going to bankrupt the country, export all of the jobs, kill a portion of the population in the Middle Eastern Wars and hand out tax cuts to the wealthy while the poor pay the bill and are enslaved in their new policies. Is that not worth trying to stop? Is it such a large price to pay when we are dealing with the future? My God, they have plans for internment camps across the country, Aislin.

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