A Gray Hack: Versatech Part V by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Once Ajax and JN had finished unloading the Spartes, they had pulled a small desk sized cockpit simulator from the back of the truck. They had moved it close to the edge of the dock, connecting fiber lines from the computer station to the mainframe. They also pulled out two small briefcases that they opened and powered up the computer controls inside.
As they powered up the computers in the briefcase, the two large M-230 guns powered up, coming to life. Once the guns were online, Ajax climbed into the cockpit simulator and began turning on switches and powering up.
A Mil Mi-8T helicopter had sat idle and quiet a mile away at a small airstrip. It started its main turbine, slowly spinning the large drooping rotors. The Russian helicopter had been purchased under a shell corporation and transported to Florida. Mangler, Teufel's primary mechanical genius, worked on it day and night with Ajax and a score of others to install the necessary remote control devices and develop the secondary pilot assist programs. Lights blinked or turned on and beeps, intended for a human ear, chattered to an empty cockpit. The chopper began its startup cycle, increasing the spin on the main and tail rotors.
Teufel had painted it a simple white with fake number markings on it. It was imperative that it no longer looked to be a military bird. They had test flown it over the Florida coastline. Ajax took it out once during a large inbound storm front to see how it would handle. Everyone was proud of what had been accomplished with the chopper. After they had retrofitted the cockpit and passenger area, the chopper could only seat fifteen people. A computer and communications equipment filled the entire cockpit and a third of the passenger area.
Ajax loved flying the bird. It brought him a serene sense of joy to sit at the remote station and lift the big bird off the ground. He used the multiple screens and controls to direct the machine, as though he sat in the very cockpit of the behemoth helicopter. It lifted off and headed straight for Versatech headquarters.
As he finished the startup cycle, he slide on a radio headset, and checked his gauges.
"Com One...Ajax, Helo in powerup cycle and lifting off, Com One out."
The chopper flew low over the bus, catching Faolan's attention. The Fenroriska had moved outside of the bus, rearranging armaments for their use. He glanced up to watch the large chopper barrel towards the offices. He smiled, knowing things were going as planned.
APHROfreak was inside with the others, monitoring communications. As they listened in on the dispatcher they realized the worst.
"Com One...Kana, this is the Freak, you've got massive inbound troops coming."
Kana looked out across the city from the rooftop. "Com One...roger that Freak...Com One out."
The two police cars squealed to a stop in front of the guard shack. The drivers positioned the cruisers so that they could get out of the cars and use them for cover. The officer in the first car jumped out, pulling his Glock out of the holster and crouching down behind the trunk.

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