A Gray Hack: Versatech Part V by D A Schippers

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His wisps of grey hair and leathery skin added to his aged look. The sergeant looked around, slightly adjusting his bulletproof vest.
The second cop jumped out very close to the shack, moving behind the front of his car. The younger man looked to be fresh out of the academy with his youthful and muscle bound appearance. He glanced over to his senior officer for commands.
The older sergeant waited for a signal from the other officers and moved to try to get a look at their downed officer.
"Dispatch, Sergeant Billers, we are on site and..." The older man moved carefully behind the back of his car to get a look at Butch Blonde that SIG had downed. "Dickerson is down, but there isn't any blood."
Billers nodded to his younger counterpart, Decker, who darted out from his car to Dickerson. Decker glanced around, keeping his weapon up while scanning for perps. Decker kept looking around, while reaching down to check the pulse of Dickerson. The greenhorn officer holstered his weapon, grabbing and throwing Dickerson over his shoulder. Decker pressed his legs into the ground lifting them up while holding Dickerson with his left arm. His right hand pulled his Glock, as he turned to move to the cars.
Kana had been watching from the rooftop with SIG. Just as Decker had reached down to grab Dickerson, Kana spoke.
"Com One, Sophia activate Chthonius3 and Echion4. Targeting mode Elevate. Com One out."
Chthonius3 and Echion4 barreled out from behind the SUVs that they had used for cover. Billers heard the tracks start and spotted the Spartes as they rolled out from behind cover.
"Hit the deck!" Billers' yelled to Decker.
The younger officer tried to turn and fire while carrying the heavy Dickerson. The Spartes moved just around the SUVs and opened fire.
The rotary guns on the lower arms spun with a high-pitched electrical hum, as the bullets roared out, loudly. The guard shack exploded in a spray of bullets and debris, sending glass shards in multiple directions. Wood, concrete and steel exploded in a hail of bullets that none of the officers had ever experienced before.
Decker stumbled under the weight of Dickerson and fell to the ground. They landed behind Billers trunk, just as the Spartes turned their fire on the squad car. The bullets ripped through the glass and roof of the car. The Elevate program altered the targeting systems to shot high. Tuefel and the Grays were buying time.
Billers pressed the mic button. "WE'RE UNDER HEAVY FIRE...WE NEED BACK...HEAVY FIRE..."
The radio clicked loudly at Billers, squelching loudly. Sophia used the equipment on site to pump feedback through the police band and disable their communications after he had called for help.
Chavez barged into the boardroom, looking like a dark Santa with two black sacks on his back. "Phase one is complete."
"Good. Let's get them ready." Brom nodded.
Ull, Chavez, and Aislin pulled out black ski masks and pulled them over their heads. Silverman was bewildered that Brom did not use a mask.
"Shurben needs to know who hit him." Brom smiled, glaring at Silverman.

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