A Gray Hack: Versatech Part V by D A Schippers

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"Com One...goto phase two, I repeat, go to phase two...Com One out."
Sophia picked up the connection and verified the voiceprint for Brom. After matching his voice pattern to the one stored in her databases, Sophia connected to a remote location in England, dialing internationally back to the local police department. The software entity waited for the pickup.
"Nine one one operator, what is your emergency?"
"We have taken over the Versatech Corporate headquarters." A distorted male voice emanated over the phone, giving the impression that a man was using a handheld voice scrambler. "We have Silverman, Timmer, Templeton and Holmes. The building is rigged with bombs. If you make any further attempts to approach the complex, we will kill everyone inside."
"Who is this? Where are you calling from?" The female operator was bewildered at the caller identification.
"Shut up, fool! Both of the buildings are wired with explosives. You will provide five million dollars to be wired to an offshore account. There is a charter plane at the airport that will be given full clearance to fly anywhere without surveillance. Any attempt to stop us will result in the deaths of President George W. Shurben's favorite chipmakers, along with three hundred and forty three men and women that were onsite when we took over the buildings. I'll call back in twenty minutes with instructions on the wire transfer."
The phone disconnected abruptly.

Police cars screamed down the roads headed for the Versatech complex. They screamed past Mainframe with Mangler standing on the side of the road watching. Ten patrol cars raced towards the buildings from all different directions.
The first pair of cars to make to the Versatech intersection pulled into the office complex across the street from Versatech. It was the only building around for a good mile. A lieutenant and sergeant jumped out of the car and ran into the building.
"Evacuate this building now!" The lieutenant raced up to the receptionist.
"What? What the hell is going on?" A slim brunette looked up from some internet searching.
"Terrorist have seized the Versatech complex. We need to evacuate this building now!" Lieutenant Zilk barked at the woman.
She picked up the phone and began to make an announcement that everyone need to leave the building immediately.
"Radios are still down, boss. I bet they are jamming the frequency." Sergeant Bender stopped playing with his radio.
"Another frequency?"
"All of them are down. It looks like they took the police band down."
The two began directing people to get in their cars and leave, as droves of workers filed out of the building.
A pair of cars pulled up on the north side of the complex on Three Mile. The cars blocked both lanes as they squealed to a stop. The officers jumped out, grabbing sawhorses and flairs to block the road. Within less than a minute, they had the road blocked.
Three more pairs blocked the south side of the Three Mile, the east side of Walker and the west side of Walker.

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