A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VI by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Sirens blared down the street, as Decker pulled himself up off of the ground. Billers was crouched behind the open driver's side door. Dickerson finally started to wake up from the electromagnetic pulse charge he had been hit with.
Chthonius3 and Echion4 continued their Elevated firing program, slowing their rate of fire to conserve ammunition. The heads on the Spartes scanned from side to side, searching to acquire any new targets. As they watched, they spotted a large black van barreling down the road.
The police barricades had moved, allowing the SWAT vans through. Ten more officers were in combat gear inside the back of each van. They had on their bulletproof armor, grenades, and MP5's. The driver, confidently, steered the van towards the trapped officers, sitting behind his bulletproof windows.
Faolan raced down the street, running with blinding speed in plain sight. People had been congregating along the sides of the road beyond the barricades. Most looked up in shock, as the black man raced through stopped traffic. Dozens of cars sat parked on the blockaded road, as his grenades bounced up and down on his weapons harness. He zigzagged between the cars, pulling up his AK-47 and drawing in heavy breaths.
Two police officers on Walker were too busy watching the SWAT vans swerving between the northern barricades on Three Mile to notice anything. Unaware of Faolan's approach, the Fenroriska pulled up his weapon and fired.
The full metal jacket rounds ripped through the bulletproof vests easily. Blood and flesh splattered all over the cars, as glass exploded. The two officers jerked as the bullets ripped through their vital organs. Before they could respond, they dropped to the ground.
Zilk ducked behind his cruiser, hearing the gunfire. He pulled up his M-16, training to fire. He spotted Faolan charging wildly into the open intersection.
The Spartes picked up Faolan's transmitter, feeding the data back to Sophia. Once the black vans had appeared in Chthonius3's visual range, Sophia's recognition and targeting programs immediately locked onto the vehicles. As the vans had sped through the gap in the barricade, Sophia opened a com channel.
"Sophia transmission, two inbound SWAT teams, fully armored vans and personnel. Request full weapons release."
Brom stood alone by the back entrance to the dock. He opened the door and glanced outside. The HUD displayed the position of all of the Spartes, as well as the SWAT vans pulling up to provide cover for the downed officers. He looked on the screen to see a red indicator that marked Faolan. He knew that he could always count on Faolan.
"Com One, Full Weapons Release for active Spartes only. Maintain Vulcans in current status for inbound aircraft. Avoid friendlies in the firing zone. Com One out."
Sophia changed the operation parameters for the Spartes. Chthonius3 and Echion4 stopped firing and darted in opposite directions. As the two Spartes repositioned to get a better aim on the trapped police officers, the SWAT vans swerved in close to the men.
The first SWAT van screeched to a halt near the front of Billers' car.

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