A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VII by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

Lieutenant Zilk threw the radio microphone away from him. It crashed on the car in front of him.
"What the hell is going on?" Bender stared in disbelief at the smoke pillars rolling off of the wreckage of the two SWAT vans and the police cars in front of the Versatech gate.
Zilk brought his hands to his face. Confusion, anger and fear all swarmed into a volatile mix within his mind. He wanted these bastards dead so bad that he could almost taste it. They had failed. He knew that they had thoroughly underestimated the perps in the building.
"I don't know. I just don't know." Zilk pulled hands away from his face.
"We can't just sit here." Bender retorted, glaring at his superior.
Zilk stood frozen for a moment. He knew most of the officers on the two teams. He used to be a member of Team One. His wife had asked him to step down; she could not handle the stress. Zilk thought about the families of the men who had died that would have to be told. His heart broke, thinking of all the good men that they had just lost.
Zilk bent down and grabbed the microphone.
"We aren't." Zilk clicked the microphone. "Dispatch, patch me through to the military teams inbound."
There was a long pause and then a voice carried over the radio.
"This Sergeant Anders, who am I on the line with?" A strong voice carried out.
"This is Lieutenant Zilk. Listen, these bastards just took out two of our best SWAT teams like they were fish in a barrel."
"You got some intel for us Lieutenant?"
"Yeah. They're running some kind of crazy robots that are armed to the T. I also had some crazy bastard come in from the east. We took him down and then a minute later he just got back up."
"How many robots are there?"
"I think there are three or four. We counted about ten hostiles in black ski masks and combat uniforms."
"Lieutenant Zilk, General Weller. You are ordered to comply with full military orders and tactics. I appreciate the intel, but these are international terrorists that you're dealing with. What you need to do right now is extend the perimeter around this complex to ensure that no civilians are endangered by our operations. Do you understand?"
"Sir, yes, sir."

"Sophia Transmission, inbound strike team two minutes out. End Transmission." Poured over their speakers PACD speakers.
"Com One, Ull you've got less than two minutes." Brom spoke over their wireless connection.
"Com One, copy that. Com One out." Ull answered.
He looked at those on the elevator with them. The elevator moved quickly to the top floor. By the time they unloaded, the Spartes had already deployed to the top of the building. They were on the rooftop, waiting to carry out their mission. Ull tossed the duffel onto the floor.
"Change Now?"
"What?" Timmer looked at him nervously.
Ull aimed his MP5 at her. "Do it, now!"
The Russian helicopter drifted in tightly over the building; blades thumping loudly and pouring air down onto the landing pad. Ajax adjusted the controls gently, while watching all of the instruments and screens in front of him.

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