A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VIII-Conclusion by D A Schippers

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SUMMARY: The Grays team with their sponsor group, Teufel. Will they send the message they intend without getting killed?

"Com One...M-230's activate, full auto, weapons free, Teufel zero. Com One out." Ajax called to Sophia.
Sophia activated the two M-230 weapons mounted on scissor platforms in each of the trucks. The ceilings of the trucks opened, releasing the guns into the air. Each of them jumped up fifteen feet past the top of the trucks before the scissor lifts stopped.
The southern gun trained and locked onto RT-10.
Mac never saw the guns before they started firing. RT-10's tail was facing the southern gun as it opened fire. Dill heard bullets rip through the fuselage just before they tore through his body. The chopper shuddered, as Mac realized they had been hit.
"Dill, what's our..." Mac was cut short with an explosion.
The gunship blew into pieces, raining down onto the parking lot and parked cars. Windows on the southern building shattered from some of the exploding debris.
The droves of fleeing workers screamed in fear, charging for the main exit to the parking lot. Some of the workers were peppered with the debris flying across the parking lot.
Jimi spotted the M-230's pop up out of the trucks. Fifty turned around behind the northern building, using it as a shield. RT-16 leveled out as Fifty gave Jimi a few seconds to prepare himself. The chopper slid out to east of the building, moving to its right. Jimi locked on, and fired two rockets and the main gun.
The M-230 whined out as it threw thousands of rounds out at the Apache. The primary motor controls on the gun ripped apart with the Apache's bullets. A rocket followed and exploded the gun.
"Splash one." Jimi congratulated himself.
"Strike Team Two to RT-16. The other gun is on the southern side of the building. Continue around the building, its sitting in the loading bay." Commander Anders called out.
The radio still hissed and whined. Something was still jamming the signal.
RT-17 spotted the northern M-230 aiming for RT-11. Husher pulled up his targeting on the gun. The M-230 belched forth a massive flame, throwing thousands of rounds at the Pavehawk near RT-17.
RT-11 took a direct hit in the cockpit. The pilots were eviscerated with the volley of rounds tearing their bodies apart. The Pavehawk lurched for a moment, as the Strike Team below it ran for cover. With the controls destroyed, the chopper hovered for a second and then started a spin rotation, still being riddled with bullets. As the chopper turned, the rounds impacted the primary fuel tank, raining fire and fuel down upon the Strike Team.
Husher's rounds ripped across the side of the building in his frenzy to fire. The cab of the truck exploded from his rounds, as he tried to readjust his the gun.
RT-16 spun around the other side of the building, slowly. Jimi pumped two rockets into the gun, just before it readjusted to take out RT-17.
Jimi opened fire on the truck. The bullets ripped through the cab and trailer, creating another explosion. All of the glass on the receiving docks side of the building blew out, as the fire and concussion of Sophia's self-detonation ripped out into the air.

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