The bad blood slows and turns to stone. by oscar garcia

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SUMMARY: Komaru has his last chance to change his fate. Seems like there is only one way.

"Something's wrong," the homonid said before Komaru's left arm smashed his face in a red spray. Trollu screeched before Komaru's heavy axe hand split the avians skull. Gluben tried to run, but Komaru caught him easily, cutting off a few tentacles before his club arm could crush the cephalapods brain. the murmuring of the crowd became an angry howl as he smashed Gluben's life away. Elation filled him as the crowd screamed for his blood.

"Kill the human!" he heard one of them shout. Human? He wished he had a mouth to he could tell the shouter that he was not a human anymore. Gluben took that away from him. Well, now was his chance to retaliate and show what he was made of. He might not look like a human with his metal arms and lack of a mouth, but a human heart beat in his chest and the very human emotion of hatred filled him. He could never again live like a human because of what Gluben did, but he would die now, covered with demon blood.

Demonkind spectators began to leap down from the wall as Komaru lumbered towards the cage the humans were in. Perhaps he would be able to set them free. He could see them cowering from him as he smashed the lock with his axe hand and opened the door to them to escape. Then he began the gratifying work of killing demonspawn.

After fifteen adversaries fell, Komaru began to lose count. Violence set the air on fire. Demonspawn arenas were safe for no one, not even those that watched. Often enough, members of the crowd leaped into the arena to fight, or just started their fighting up in the stands. There were nights when more died in the stands than in the arena. Today, many would die.

Komaru charged at the wall, knocking a couple of homonids with clubs over. His club hand smashed the wall to splinters and more members of the crowd joined the melee. Komaru killed with abandon. These creatures deserved alot worse than he was giving them. He hoped the hell he sent them too was worse than what he did. Skulls shattered and split as he made his way into the stands. One of the creatures was smart enough to start shooting arrows at him, but Komaru was able to deflect them with his axe hand. He knocked a small goblin into the archer with his club hand and then felt a heavy weight land on his shoulders.

He stumbled before managing to get the spike part of his axe hand into the beast on his shoulders. A couple of small goblins wrapped themselves around his legs, clawing and biting until his club smashed them. He felt cold steel poke into his body and turned around to kill the vermin that did it. His axe hand split the homonid in half. An upright walking canid leaped at him, but was juiced by his club hand.

A thunderclap and a bright blue light cut the violence like a blade and drew everyone's attention to a large sepentoid. He hissed something in a language Komaru could not understand, and the demonspawn that surrounded him backed up until he and the serpentoid were in a circle. Blood still oozed from many wounds on his body, steadily dripping blood onto the stands.

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