The angels hunt by Karl Cross

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SUMMARY: In an alternate univers, the arch angel gabriel, turned bounty hunter is hunting the mysterious killer that has been plaguing london named jack.

The tower of london tood high, grim and imposing upon the night sky, piercing through the clouds manevolently.
I stood on the roof looking down onto the grimy rundown streets of london, the people milled about like insects, just as mindless as drones with none of the efficiency.
I could almost feel a kind of pity for them, doomed to wander the universe shrouding in self imposed darkness, their existance seemly pointless.
Despite all this though, they are precious to me, I love them like one might love a pet.
I saw the dank alley ways and roads that made up london, I watched as prositutes sold them selves with obscene vigor, I watched as poor desperate men became murderers for a pitance, I watched the animal that was london, snarl, bite and eat, consuming all who failed to fight, to struggle to survive.
This was not new to me, I had seen many cities like this, but none this bad, london seemed to be held together by this rot,this decay of life and morals, it was fat and swollen from it.

My eyes caught sight of a beautiful young woman strolling down on of the cities many alleyways.
I watched intently as a hideous clawed hand emerged from the shadows and emerged from the shadows and dragged her away in the dark.

"Time to go to work" I muttered to my self as I slid down the side of the tower with fluid ease.
I was determinded this time my quarry would not escape me again, once my feet touched the ground my hand flew to my jacker and I drew my customed mark z peacemaker combi revolver, top of the range gun back then, I welcomed its reassuring weight and smooth leather grip.

I shot down the alley way fearlessly, focusing completely on the chase, I could hear screams, but they were far off, distant to me, almost in another world, one I was no longer a part of.
As I turned the corner I saw him, that beast, he had been the scourge of london for centuries, he had numerous names, jack of blades, spring heeled jack and most recently- jack the ripper, but only I knew his real name-jackiel the deciever, he and I had battled an age ago in rome, atop high council of mages sanctum, I remembered vividly, it's ancient eroded domed roof, that allowed no room for error, we fought for hours,but he eluded me, I would not allow him another century of feasting on innocents.

I raised my pistol and called to him.
"Well well jackiel, it's been a while"
He turned, warm blood dripped from his crooked teeth, he dropped the girls drained corpse.
"Ah it's you!I've missed you, you gave me quite a fight!" He chuckled excitedly, spraying saliva everywhere.
"I'll give you more than you've bargained for" I hissed,
"Y'know, words can cut so deeply " He mocked, theatrically sobbing.

I had enough by that point and felt my anger release in a powerful burst as I squeezed the trigger.
Jackiel bounded down the alley way, deftly dodging my shots.
I cursed and began chasing him, he had the advantage, he could become anyone he wanted and knew the city better than I.
This was getting ugly fast, I prayed ego would keep him mocking and taunting me, at least keep up the chase and not lose sight of him.

"Catch me if you can!" He yelled jovially as he thundered down the alley way.
I scaled the side of a building and clamoured across the rooftops, I fired another round at him, lucky to score two glancing shots.
This seemed to slow him down a bit, only slightly but every and any advantage counded.
I launched myself off of the roof and smashed into the ground a few feet in front of himm, My head span.
"Must be my birthday!" Jackiel laughed as he grabbed mu leg and began swinging me around.
I tried desperately to reload my gun but it slid from my grip.
As he smashed me repeatedly into nearbyb walls my vision went blurry, I could't feel any pain, just a feeling of acceptance, I remember the serenity of death.
I rejected it, refused to die like that.

I span madly, flying from his arms and rolling across the cobblestones, he came charging after me, laughing insanelt.
I yanked a dagger I had kept tucked inside my boot and stabbed him in the leg, he roared in agony.
"You bastard!" He made a grab at me, but I caught his fist and twisted it until I heard a crack, then I jumped up and kicked him squarely in the face, shattering his nose, blood splattered over my boot and cascaded down his face.
I swung my arms towards him and forced my thumbs into his eyes, he shrieked and pushed me away roughly and fell to his knees, groping helplessly.
I had blinded him.

"I'll kill ya!"He bellowed to thin air, I crept up behind him silently, my dagger poised to strike, I pushed it easily into the back of his neck, blood began to pour onto my hand, I brought my lips close to his ear and whispered.
"Maybe in the next life"

I backed away slowly, watching and listening while he gasped for breath hopelessly, after a moment he stopped moving.
"It is done" I remember saying grimly.
"It certainly is gabriel" A voice behind me said, I turned to see something I will never forget.