History of the Dalephians by Colin Spade

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SUMMARY: this speaks of the mystery that all the Dalephians of today want to know. how the great Adamants were destroyed and how the two Dalephian God parted.


The Dalephians

In the early days, far before the Humans came a race of people, a society called Dalephian, they were beings that was said to be the perfect creature. They were given longevity of six centuries and they were infused with magic when born. Over time the colourful beings that can only give one child populated the planet. But how is it that beings that can only have one child populate the planet? It has been written in the ancient text that the First Dalephians, Thesrus, and his brother Suraseth, planted a seed, in one night it grew to be a tree that reached over three thousand feet, a tree that gave the fruit of life. In every pod would be three seeds, each seed producing a Dalephian babe. It was also said that a large flying insect, an insect that resembles a dragonfly, waited, millions of insects waited for the fruit to ripen and fall free. The insects would fly down to the pod, release the three babes and eat the fruit. With new energy the insects would take each babe to a family to be, and so went on the life of the Dalephians.
Ages came and went, the beings, all the beings lived in tranquillity and harmony with one another. On a day that brought every Dalephian together on one land would be the day they would get their biggest scare. It was the day the of the Firsts birthday. Suraseth has finally reached his six thousands and each Dalephian rejoiced in the celebration of the immortals.
The two Dalephians, the Firsts, were praised as Gods before the Dalephian peasants and serfs. They were praised for their distinct appearance, power, and their immortality. These two Dalephians possessed hair of white and thick thigh touching beards. They stood close to ten feet tall and looked well into their fifties, and for millenniums to come their appearance would stay.
The two Firsts sat upon large marble chairs on a marble platform raised twenty feet in the center of the city, the walls of the marble platform were engraved with tapestries of power, three dragons spiralled around each other, the front face possessed a king cobra, coiled and ready to strike. A sea of rainbow was all you could see in every direction. They all stood dead quiet, awaiting the words of their Gods.
Thesrus looked to his left to his brother; Suraseth looked happy not at all, for he looked bored, bored of his life, of his immortality. Thesrus knew his brother as being the exact opposite of his own benign soul, and for such personalities they fought over such things that would seem foolish, as day exceed night, or light overpowers dark.
"I should never have helped you plant that seed Thesrus," Suraseth said, an edge of bitterness hung to his deep tone.
Thesrus turned to his brother, his snowy grey eyes shown dislike to his brother's words. "You say it often brother, I know you mean wrong. Cheer up, and--"
Suraseth slammed a fist into his marble armrest, and shattered it. "Cheer up!" he raged, surging to his feet. "I can't cheer up! You know better than anyone here that I can't cheer! Do you know what your people call me? The Black God! The God of Shadows and Hate!" Suraseth's powerful voice was heard by all, the millions to their Gods rage.
Thesrus scanned the populace; he felt a wave of fear flow over the people, each one staring at them with protuberant fear filled eyes.

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