Disguised. by oscar garcia

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SUMMARY: A covert operation is not covert any longer.

Half a year now, Rorex hid his true identity behind elemental magic. He was a canid, but events near Lake Riddia brought him here looking for members of his clan. For a long time his clan had dwindled in number from their homeland near the Gonfalon Mountains,where Lake Riddia supplied trade and allies in the avians. Now he was on the other side of the world, on an island called Codas. His search for the pirates that kidnapped many of his clansmen led him to the city of Milton.

Milton was a city of cylindrical towers and flying machines. Cities in Korena had flying machines too, but they were dirty and lound, spitting black or yellow smoke and polluting the air with their presence. These were clean and nearly soundless. He could hear a whir when they got closer, but the demon flying machines could be heard for miles sometimes. Tall towers with tops curved inward like onions pierced the sky. They looked so alien compared to the tree city of Syrinx, on the northern shores of Lake Riddia. It was an avian city of beauty unrivaled. He had seen Jamar, he had seen Elanta, the so called Jewel of the North, but they were uncultured pearls next to the Emerald beauty of Syrinx. Plus Syrinx was not yet polluted by human presence. There were a few human tribes in the Gonfalons and even around Lake Riddia, but they were honorable descendants of Sturi Tagath, who gave his life to repel the demon warlord Obabas from the walls of Syrinx. These humans were not like them. Things he did not think were possible he saw these humans do. Had they no sense of honor? They stole from each other, they lied and cheated, not a one of them was trustworthy. Well, it was unfair to say that, but trust was not easy when knowledge of who he really was could get him imprisoned and thrown into the arenas for their enjoyment. There were no arenas near Lake Riddia. Human stench filled his nostrils so much he could no longer smell the base odor that was human. He could individually make out their smells now and it made him want to gag. A human woman in thin silk that hid almost none of her slim figure obviously came from a brothel, by the smell. Rorex was surprised to see a business like that. Humans could be as vile as the demons they despised. A fat man stumbled by, obviously very intoxicated. He could smell the fruity zenkret, that people here liked to drink so much. It was sweet and tasty, but it addled his brains so much he refused to touch it.

His dealings in the slave trade forced him to see the worst parts of humankind. He could not picture them sharing the world. They would have to possess it as they once had. Some of them were so honorable, though. His dealings led him to an inn called the Hanged Man. It was as dark and dangerous as its namesake, frequented by slave traders and pirates, though they called themselves merchants. There were five thin windows, painted black in the front of the building and the doors were thick, carved oak. The doors opened violently as a large man wearing a red armband flung a patron out onto the streets.

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