The Dragon Fang ... by Nathan Atkinson

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SUMMARY: Legends. Mythical Creatures. A Sword. And a child destined for great things!

The Dragon Fang

- The Quest for the Sword.


In a time of darkness a sword was forged. This sword combined the purest of metals and was imbued with the properties of the Great Dragon. It was hidden in a giant temple rprotected by two stone dragons. It was said that when evil threatened the sword, the stone guardians would awaken and destroy the evil. Wise men prophesised that a small child would come into this world, grasp the hilt of the sword and free it from its stone imprisonment. The legends also stated that the child would destroy the evil being who had devastated the lands. Many adventurers, architects and wise men alike, sought for the sword, and many false prophets clamed they were the Chosen One. But that was foolish, for they were quickly killed and their remnants were scattered. The Dark Lord grew in power, his army became vast and his search for the real Chosen One continued. Finally a child was born. In his village he was known as Sam. And in their eyes he was a child of no significant importance. The child was plagued with dreams, dreams of terror and dreams of a sword. Word reached the evil one of a child's torment in a small village, and that was the day the child's destiny was to begin

Chapter One:

I have found you at last!

The dream was the same. A giant dragon stood before a small boy. The boy slowly walked towards the Beast, arms outstretched, once again wanting to touch the rough scaly skin of the Great Beast. As he edged closer towards the Beast, a dark figure appeared before him, making him cease. "Sam!" the voice screamed. Sam quoted silently the words that were spoken every time he dozed off. "I have found you Sam! The legends are void; you will die ..." Even though his heart cried in terror at Dread's words. His head remained calm. ‘Remember' his mind silently told him. Sam calmed down and turn to face the Dragon. It looked at him, bared its teeth and with a giant pounce, destroyed the oncoming shadow of Dread. A scream escaped Dreads lips, and like every night, Sam awoke gasping for breath, and struggling against his sheets.

Sam yawned and rubbed his tired eyes as he lumbered out of his old shack. His mother laughed as she greeted him, "It's like you don't sleep, boy!" "And a fine good morning to you" he mumbled back as he slouched himself upon a chair. "Don't go getting to relaxed Sam," his mum said as she handed him a piece of fruit for breakfast. "But theirs no school ..." "Yes, but the village is an uproar. It's Jax's Celebration today. And theirs much to do, so go get ready!" Sam mumbled angrily to himself as he threw to the ground the skin from the finished fruit before rubbing the juice from his hands into his already dusty hair. "Don't do that Sam," his mother said with a hint of disgust. He slowly readied himself to walk towards the well to grab a drink and to wash his face, when his mother yelled behind him, "And if your going to the well, bring back some water for the soup I'm making!" He sighed deeply and wished he were back asleep. Even though he realized if he were asleep he would be plagued with those horrible dreams again; those dreams of torment.

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