The Forest Friends and the Ogress by . Crystalwizard

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SUMMARY: This is a children's story with a lesson or two to teach.

Olga the Ogress grunted and glared up at the afternoon sun.
"Why is it," she muttered, rubbing her eyes, "that day has to come so early?"

Olga wrinkled her nose, then sneezed and wiped it on one arm, smearing her face with dirt.

"Food," Olga grunted, mostly to herself. "Time for brunch."

She picked up her club, swung it over her shoulder and ambled out of her cave in search of a snack.

Danny the Deer and Ollie the Owl were visiting with Murry the Moose when they heard Olga the Ogress crashing through the forest.
"That sounds like trouble," Danny observed.
"Yes," Ollie agreed wisely. "That sounds like Olga on a rampage."
"We have to find some way," Murry the Moose decided, "to discourage her from coming down here. Any suggestions?"
The three friends thought for a moment, then put their heads together and began to whisper.

Olga the Ogress strode along the forest path, swinging her club at the innocent trees and bushes, singing at the top of her lungs and enjoying the weather.
"Come on out little snack!" Olga called loudly. "I want to eat you!"

Not far away, Sammy the Skunk listened to last minute instructions from Danny the Deer, then nodded.
"Got it," he grinned. "You can count on me."
He eyed a nearby tree, then scurried around behind it.
"Ready?" Murry the Moose asked of Ollie the owl, who nodded.
"Ready here too," Danny the Deer chimed in.
"Then let's do it," Murry the Moose belled. "Get her!"

Ollie the Owl took off from his branch, winging silently through the forest, until he spotted his target. Olga the Ogress had stopped for a moment and was busy picking her teeth with a twig.
"Here I go," he thought, then dived.

Olga looked up just in time to duck and Ollie the Owl sailed over her large, shaggy head.

"Come back here!" She roared, jumping to her feet. "I'll eat you for dinner AND a snack for that!" She swung her massive club furiously and chased madly after the owl.

"Too easy," Ollie the Owl thought. "Let's tire her out a bit."
He banked quickly around a tree and perched on a high branch, just out of Olga's reach. Olga rounded the tree a moment later and bellowed in frustration.

"I'll get you!" She hollered. "Come down here you annoying thing!"
She threw her mighty arms around the trunk of the tree and attempted to pull it out of the ground!

Ollie the Owl watched her for several seconds, waiting until it appeared that Olga was beginning to tire, then he fell out of the tree. Spreading his wings, Ollie grabbed her hair in his talons as he sailed past and held on just long enough to give it a good yank. Olga shrieked in pain, then screaming furiously she chased after him, completely forgetting that she had dropped her club on the ground.

Ollie the Owl flew crazily through the forest, weaving around the trees, cutting under low hanging branches and never quite allowing Olga to catch up to him.

At last, after several minutes, he turned one final corner and soared up into the top of a mighty pine tree. Olga the Ogress came into view just a second later.

She was dripping with sweat and panting heavily from the chase.

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