The Forest Friends and the Ogress by . Crystalwizard

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Ollie the Owl hooted once as Olga stopped beneath his tree to look up at him, then stared down at her with large round eyes.

Nearby, Danny the Deer and Murry the Moose nodded at each other, then attacked! Murry lowered his head, pawed the ground and charged, aiming directly for Olga's back side. Danny followed quickly behind him, sharp hooves at the ready in case Murry missed.

Olga never heard a thing. She was too engrossed in glaring up into the tree at Ollie the Owl to notice the thudding of Murry's feet on the ground behind her. Murry's head connected exactly in the middle of Olga's overly-large rump and sent her flying.

Olga the Ogress hit the ground with a resounding thud, skidded several inches along it on her nose and lay there groaning. At that precise moment, Sammy the Skunk peeked out from under a bush. He grinned broadly, then primly stepped out into the open. Marching daintily up to Olga, he turned his back to her, lifted his tail, and let her have a full measure of spray directly in her face!

Olga the Ogress leapt from the ground with a shriek, clawing wildly at her eyes. She dashed madly about the forest, crashing into trees, tripping over bushes and bashing her skull against low hanging branches. The forest friends watched in satisfaction as Olga fled, gasping for breath, from their domain.

"I think," Danny the Deer mused as he listened to the last of her clatter fade to nothing. "That we have seen the last of her."
"I believe you're right," Murry the Moose agreed. "I think we have."

The Forest Friends grinned at each other happily, then went back to a nice, lazy day of nibbling on leaves, secure in the knowledge that skunk smell takes a very long time to wear off. A very long time

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