The Man by Mike McWade

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SUMMARY: THe Man takes a walk to get away from the stiffs at work only to run into more.

The Man

What a wonderful day. The man thought to himself while walking briskly down the street. It was early evening, the time he always took his daily walk. It was chilly and a little damp, but the man didn't mind. He actually preferred this type of weather, but what he really liked was not being cooped up as he usually was at work. He had to get away from everyone there once in a while; he worked with a lot of stiffs and sometimes it got a little boring. He was ready for what the evening ahead had in store for him.


"Damn another stoplight "shouted Anton to no one.

He had been stopped at the last three stoplights and he really shouldn't be in this part of town. If certain people saw him here he'd be in trouble for sure. He'd had a run in with a few of the thugs in the neighborhood and wasn't exactly welcome. It wasn't like he could keep a low profile, everyone knew his metallic purple Caddilac, lowered with the gold rims, and if that wasn't enough the bass thumping in his trunk wasn't exactly subtle.

At least he had a little entertainment while he was sitting here. Anton was watching the man walking toward the intersection. He thought it was strange the way the man was just strolling quickly down the road in his dark blue suit as if he was headed for church, but it was Thursday. Who went to church on Thursday? The man walked on heading straight across the street. Anton looked up and saw the don't walk sign light up just after the man had stepped of the curb. It didn't seem to bother the man; he just kept walking along as if he didn't have a care in the world. Just as the man stepped in front of Anton's Caddy the light turned green.

Anton couldn't believe the man just walking out in front of him like that, so Anton laid on the horn. If he was expecting to scare the man he was dead wrong, the man just stopped and turned slightly looking at Anton. The man then lifted his hand and smiled. "My apologies" the man said. Anton leaned out the window an told the man, " if you don't get your ass out of my way I'll run it over and then you'll be a lot more sorry". The smile on the man's face stayed where it was but his bright blue eyes turned icy cold. The man put his hand to his forehead in a kind of half salute saying "I'll see you soon". Anton just sat there watching the man step up on the curb until the car behind him honked. Anton flipped the driver off, put his foot down and sped on through the intersection. "Screw you old man" he said to him self.

God, I'm already late, Sylvia thought to herself as she waited in line at the Quickie Mart. If this guy doesn't hurry I'm going to miss my bus. Sylvia was relieved when she was finally able to get out of the store. Maybe I'll make it yet, she thought. As soon as she walked out of the door three teenage boys ran right into her and knocked her and everything she was carrying to the ground. Without saying a word they just laughed and walked into the store.

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