A Simple Twist Of Fate by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate

"I hate homework!" Serena complained as she grabbed a clean workshirt from the closet and walked into her bathroom. "Why, what did your teachers assighn you this time that your having a coniption about?" her younger brother Sammy asked as he walked in and sat down on his sisters beanbag. "Mr. Yakimoshi wants us to write at least a 5 page book report on how World War 2 affected our country. He wants graphics and stuff too.
I have to type it out which means that I have to go to the library. It's not that i hate the library, but i dont want to be there, not on a 4 day weekend. I have plans you know, and i have to work. Lord knows i'll get called into battle. Then Rei will call a meeting and they'll yell at me for being late, because they scheduled a meeting for 7:00 and i dont get there till 7:30. Thats on weekends. If it's a friday I cant even get away from work. Then they yell at me for not showing up at all. I try to explain and they say they have heard all of my excuses and they dont want to hear anything. They tell me that i need to be more responsible and try not being late for a change. They... Sammy are you laughing at me?" Serena asked.
"Yes I am. Listen to you, you're ranting. You haven't ranted in like forever I was begining to wonder if being a superhero had made you not human. I am glad to see that no matter what your still Serena. Speaking of being late dont you have job to get to?" He asked. Serena pulled her hair into a ponytail then braided it. "Yes i do. Josh will scream fits if i'm late. Maybee i'll see Darien tonight. He may be my boss and my best friend, but he's still gorgeous. Sammy have mom leave me a plate in the microwave please. I'm working to 11:00 tonight. Be good." She said and left for work.

Serena arrived 20 minutes early. "Thank god you're here Serena. I have 7 people that want you to make their pizzas. Angie Left about half an hour ago. She said she was going into labor. She'll call us and let us know what it is. Lisa is complaining that she can make these pizzas just like you do, but they requested you. I called Darien, he said to have you make the pizzas and serve them. He wants to send Lisa home, permently. He'll be in about 6:30. Do you think you can have everything running smoothly by then?" Josh asked. "No problem." Serena said. She clocked in and started on the pizzas.

By 6:30 everything was running smoothly and she'd made almost 50$ in tips. Darien walked in. "Hey Serena. Is everything in order?" he asked smiling. "Running smoothly boss. Any word on Angie yet?" She asked. "Nope, but it's definetly the real thing. Her water broke right as they were getting to the hospital. They said they'd call when they knew. Hows mom?" he asked refering to her mom that he claimed as his own. "Far as i know just fine. She wasn't home when Sammy and i came home. Dad says shes making his favorite dinner tonight. As far as that goes every meal is his favorite." She said. Darien laughed. "I have some work to do. I want to talk to you later, during your break. Don't cause to much trouble." Darien teased "Oh i will, and you know it." She said as he walked into his office.

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